Why Students Shouldn’t Procrastinate on Their Writing Task?

Have you ever been given a task but find yourself putting it off? Procrastination is something that most of us tend to do in our daily lives. It could be as simple as cleaning your closet or answering that one-hundred-word essay that’s due next week. It is very common for students to put off their homework or tasks. Studies show that students tend to procrastinate due to the fear of failing or because they view the task as something that is too hard to perform.

A task that many students view as challenging is writing. They think of writing tasks as something difficult because you do start from scratch. It’s not a multiple-choice question where the answer is right in front of you. Writing requires you to have the answer and put it into words. That can be a factor in why students tend to procrastinate when given writing tasks. Procrastination causes a negative effect on grades, schoolwork and overall health. It was seen that it increases guilt, stress, and anxiety, which could lead to decreased self-esteem and depression in the long run. Here are some reasons why you should start the task now and stop procrastinating.

Ideas Take Time

           Let’s face it, coming up with an idea takes a lot of time. The human brain isn’t some superhero that could come up with an idea in a snap of a finger. The more time that give yourself to think about what you want to write, the more that you get to refine your ideas. And the more you refine your idea, the better it gets. Remember the saying that Rome wasn’t built overnight? Well, it’s the same as your ideas and concepts. Working right away will give you more time to think, revise and then think again. Giving an ample amount of time to hone your ideas gives you the opportunity to keep on making your writing better.

Time Is Not Unlimited

           They say that time is the most expensive thing on earth that no one could buy. And it’s true. Once you lose time, it’s lost forever. So better grab all the time that you can get. Time tends to speed up when you’re in school. With all the tasks that are given out simultaneously, you could find yourself losing time. Plus, you’ll never know what could happen. You could be given a writing assignment that is due in a week, but you decided to put it off until the day before the submission. On the day that you start to cram for your assignment, your laptop breaks, or you get sick. Unforeseen events happen all the time. So, it’s better that you have some banked time for situations like these.

Why Prolong the Agony?

           Rip the bandaid off. Procrastination causes increased levels of frustration and anxiety. So why watch that fourth episode on Netflix when there’s a nagging feeling at the back of your mind that keeps reminding you about that four-hundred-word essay due in three days? If you start your task right away, chances are you get to finish it right away too. And isn’t it just rewarding to watch that episode after you have worked hard on that essay? There won’t be that nagging feeling that causes great anxiety and stress. Remember, that task will never go away. Start on it now and give yourself a well-deserved relaxation time afterwards. That one episode will feel more rewarding when you have finished all your tasks.

You Accomplish More

           You wouldn’t believe what having more time could do. Starting early could help you discover your abilities more. It could give you the chance to be the best that you could be and perform the task better. In addition to that, working on a task head on will help you accomplish more. Imagine having three homework assignments. If you start on one right away, you could finish it then move on to the other tasks without feeling guilty or anxious about having pending assignments.

Time Management

           Not procrastinating will teach an important life lesson that you will bring with you forever: time management. You get to see the beauty of managing your time well. Suddenly academics, social life, and other extracurricular activities aren’t so hard to juggle after all. It will teach you how to prioritize your tasks well and make you productive without the stress that is usually caused by having so much to do.

Builds Discipline

           Now, this isn’t only about starting on your essay right away just to have a good grade or lessen your stress. Starting on a task the moment that it is given builds your discipline on other things as well. This goes beyond academics. Having that discipline will help you to stay organized not just in school but in your life as well, especially when you grow older. It will teach you to be the kind of person who is ready to face any challenges head on instead of ignoring them until it’s too late to fix. It will create a habit wherein you never leave a task undone, which is very important in our everyday lives. It’s as simple as doing your laundry, cleaning your room or answering that email from your boss.

           It’s true that writing tasks isn’t that easy, but then again, nothing in life is. Besides, that task is not going away, nor is it going to change. Don’t allow yourself to lay in your bed awake stressing about that pile of work that you have to do. Instead, get up, dissect your tasks into smaller tasks and start on it. If everything gets too overwhelming, start with the easy ones. Giving yourself ample time will also give you the opportunity to take some breaks in between. Starting early will help you feel relaxed knowing that you have time to think, make mistakes, and revise. Use this moment to grab all the time that you can get and don’t pass on the chance to work at your full potential.

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