Privacy Policy takes pride in having transparency in our business. This includes the use of our website. This is why we have this Privacy Policy that makes all the users fully aware and understand the kind of information we gather as well as how we use these data.

The Information We Collect

General and aggregate information. These are collected from visitors and registered users on our website that have access to our website. The information includes the type of browser, IP address, pages you visit, and the time you spend on each page or the website as a whole. We do not collect individual activities, rather, we have general information about these.

We also use “cookies” which are tools that store certain information when you access a page. These are only active whenever you are on our website and do not follow you when you leave. However, we may employ the use of a “persistent cookie” which will retain your login information so that it will be easier for you to login when you come back to the site. You can delete these cookies using your browser settings. But doing so may have an impact on how you experience and interact with our website, and some features may not be able to load as smoothly.

Personal Information. This is the information you provide when setting up your profile. It may also include some information when you connect with other users, send and receive messages, conduct searchers, converse with other users, and in any way you send or receive messages information. This information is collected so that you can simply participate in the features of the website. If you are to change this information, we will contact you using email communication.


When posting content, you do so at your own risk. You have control over who can access what you post. But we cannot guarantee that these settings are fully secure. Anyone who can hack their way around these privacy policies can act on their volition, and we are not responsible for their actions. Should you remove any content you posted, any other user who saved a copy of what you posted may or may not delete the content. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your content will entirely be removed and will not resurface anywhere on the website or the web.

Information Transfer Consent

By using, you provide us with permission to transfer and transmit the information you provide throughout the US.

How the Information Will Be Used

When you agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions, you also agree that we will use the information to improve your experience on the website. We will use your name and address to contact you about relevant updates and features as well as content that may have value for you.

The privacy settings on your account are your sole responsibility. We do not take any responsibilities to any adjustments you make and how other users use this.

If in case you opt-out of the email announcements, if there are important matters that need your attention, we can still reach you via the information you provided.

Third Parties has third party connections, which are all purposed to be beneficial to you. We share your information with them so that they can provide you with ads and promotions that are related to your interests. We do not, however, provide them with information that is not part of your public profile.

We also do not provide them with your contact information. But if you share any information yourself to third parties, you are responsible for any consequence or actions that may be taken that will be beyond the scope of this privacy policy.

Linking to Other Websites

When you click on links that are on, you will be directed to the appropriate website. With that, you will no longer be bound by the privacy policies on this website and will then be under the privacy policy of those websites. We are no longer responsible for anything that may occur when you’re there.

Removing Information

You can easily edit some of the information you provided on our website. However, if someone saved or posted the information elsewhere where other users have access to it, by their own will, they may copy that information. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the information will no longer be available. Removal of that information does not remove the info stored on other people’s accounts.

Security is dedicated to keeping all services and information security. The server it employs has security measures that protect all this data.

Binding Terms

By using this website, you agree that you understand and accept all the Privacy Policy as well as the Terms and Conditions agreements.

Should there be changes made in either of these, we will endeavour to provide you with the latest updates in any way possible. The changes and new policies will be effective immediately on the date it is mentioned as well as users are subject to the changes immediately.