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Every student is an essay writer. In fact, he begins this “job” as early as age 11 or so and keeps that job all the way through college. Many students do not like this particular job, for a variety of reasons:

  • They aren’t very skilled academic writers and/or just don’t like to write, period.
  • They have to write essays in classes that just don’t interest them but that they have to take to get that diploma or degree
  • They have too many coursework assignments at the same time and will have to sacrifice some, taking lower grades, or, worse, zeros.
  • They are tired of giving up their social lives for nothing but school work

If any of these sound like you, we get it. All of us have been there and endured these same struggles. They lead to anxiety, stress, and just plain burnout.

What if You Could Find Professional Essay Writers Online?

You may have heard of students finding others to write at least some of their essays for them:

  • Sometimes, they pay other students to do them. There are student essay writers who do very well for their “customers” and earn some good spending money doing that.
  • They may have relatives who are skilled writers and can help them out from time to time
  • They may have looked for professional essay writers on freelancer websites. There, they take bids and hope the writer they choose has not lied to them and can really come through.
  • They can also look for online essay writers at writing services – an industry that has grown exponentially over the past 20 years. In fact, it has grown so much that there are now thousands of such agencies on the web, all vying for desperate student dollars.

There are actually drawbacks to each of these options, but if you really need the help, then you will have to weigh those against the potential benefits.

  • If you choose to hire fellow students, you will be looking to find a different one for each subject field. Most students only want to write on topics with which they are somewhat familiar. And you will need plenty of lead time – most student essay writers will not take last-minute orders.
  • A skilled relative can be a pretty reliable, cheap essay writer, so long as he has the time and can be trusted to meet your deadline.
  • Hiring a freelancer can be risky, because they can inflate their credentials, and it’s difficult to fully check them out. Plus, just like student writers, you may have to find a different writer for each topic area.
  • The problem with trying to find essay writers online through a writing service, is that there are so many inferior companies out there, you just don’t which ones will actually have the best essay writers. And it takes a long time to do the research to find the good ones. On the other hand, once you do find a good one, your troubles are over. You will have a source for all of your writing needs, no matter what your academic level and no matter what the topic area. The good ones have large teams of writers with degrees and backgrounds in all coursework subject fields. You could literally start with a company in high school and stay with it all the way through graduate level programs of study.

Many Look for Cheap Essay Writers

In their search for help with their coursework writing, a lot of students put a cheap price at the top of their list of priorities. We get it. Budgets are tight. But here’s the thing about looking for cheap.

There are some things that you can get by with, buying cheap. You can buy clothes from resale shops; you can economize on food by shopping at low-end grocery stores and doing more of your own cooking; you can have a few less nights out for pizza and beer with your friends. There are lots of ways to cut expenses.

But cutting expenses by looking for cheap essay writing is foolish. You will get exactly what you pay for. If a writing service offers prices too good to be true, they probably are. There is an average range for pricing in this industry, and you need to stay with companies that are within that range.

So, There Isn’t an Essay Writer Cheap that Will Still Be Good?

There may be, but do you really want to take that risk? Think about it for a moment. Will a degreed and qualified academic writer sign up with a fraudulent, low-quality company that will not pay him what he is worth, or will he sign up with a high-quality agency that pays him what he can demand in this industry? If you want the best essay writers online, then you have to use a writing service that employs them and pays them well. That cost will be passed on to you, but the end products you receive will be of high quality and bring you good grades. And, after all, isn’t that the whole point?

How Do I Find an Agency that Employs Professional Essay Writers?

This is not an easy task. Why? Because every online writing agency on the web will promise the same things – custom original writing produced by the best essay writers online, the best prices, all sorts of guarantees, and more. Finding those that actually follow through on these promises will take lots of deep digging. And that deep digging takes time – more time than most students have to do this on their own. Just consider all that has to be done to find a company that will give you an online essay writer who will give you the quality you want:

  • You have to pull up the company website and read it through and through. Is all of the content well-written in proper English? Are they clear about the products and services they offer, their pricing, their policies and guarantees?
  • Are there samples of writing on their website? How can you gauge quality if you can’t see actual samples?
  • What can you find out on the web about a company? Does it have a social media presence? What kinds of discussions are going on? What are customers saying? How is the company responding to issues, questions, or concerns?
  • Is there customer feedback on consumer review websites? And are those on sites that are respected and trustworthy?
  • What does the pricing look like? To get an essay writer online from a professional agency, you should see differentiated pricing that is based on several factors – the student’s academic level, the product or service being ordered, the length of the product, the research involved, and how soon the product or service must be delivered. Any company that has a single price no matter what is ordered is a scam. Move on.
  • How will you pay for anything you order? There should be a very secure payment method.
  • How will you contact the company? It should have a responsive team of customer support agents who can answer your questions without hesitation, and it should be available around the clock – after all, students are in all time zones around the globe.
  • Is your privacy protected? You don’t want anyone else knowing you are using essay writers, so check on how that confidentiality is protected.
  • Can you speak with a writer who is assigned to your project? If not, then you need to look somewhere else. There is no way that you can get exactly what you want if you can’t talk to the person producing it.

So, do you have the time to go through a number of these writing services and check out all of the criteria we just listed? Of course, not. You have many other demands on your time. Let us help you.

We Have Done the Work for You

Sit back and relax. You don’t have to stress over finding a writing company that will give you high quality products and the policies and guarantees that you need. Here is what we have done and continue to do:

  • We have done the deep research that you do not have the time to do.
  • We have used the same objective criteria to evaluate every writing company we review
  • We have solicited and reviewed customer feedback on these companies
  • We have read the comments and discussions that users of our site have contributed
  • We have interacted with the customer support departments of these agencies, asking the tough questions.
  • We have researched the policies and guarantees
  • Based upon our research, we have written thorough summaries which we urge you to read.
  • We have rated our reviewed companies in several categories.

You will be able to eliminate the need to do your own research and to find exactly what you need right here.