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Welcome to our WiseEssays review. This is a writing service owned by Steadi LTD out of Bulgaria. We are writing this review to provide students with every detail they need to know if they are considering using WiseEssays.com for their academic writing needs.


Price from $9.11
Discount 20%
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Take a quick look at the steps we took to conduct this research.

  • Received and reviewed an essay for quality writing, originality, citations, accuracy, use of sources, and proper editing and proofreading.
  • Evaluated the WiseEssays.com website for ease of use, mobile compatibility, content, and performance.
  • Researched pricing systems and discounts. Compared these to similar websites.
  • Read policy documents and guarantees.
  • Connected with students who have used these services, read online reviews, and evaluated WiseEssays reputation.
  • Interacted with customer support.
  • Researched writer qualifications.

Pricing System

We were happy to see that WiseEssays provides single click access to their pricing and discounts pages from their home page. According to the pricing page, papers start at 14.95 per page. However, at this writing they were offering a discount that lowered the prices to 12.71 per page. This is on the low side of average. However, these are just starting prices, and only for writing at 275 words per page. Prices vary for more advanced grade levels, or urgent deadlines. Students will also pay more for admissions writing, dissertation services, etc.

We were pretty impressed with WiseEssays discounts. They offer a 15% discount on the first order. That’s a pretty discount in an industry like this. Then, they also offer a 10% discount on your second order. That’s a unique approach, and one that will likely impress students. They also offer lifelong discounts, volume discounts, and special offers. Students may also be able to find WiseEssays coupon codes through third party services like Honey or Swagbucks.

Types of Services

The WiseEssays website helpfully breaks their services into different categories. These are dissertation services, academic writing, editing services, admission services, and assignments. Here is a detailed breakdown.

Academic Writing

This is the segment of WiseEssays products and services that address common, student, writing needs such as essays, term papers, research papers, articles, annotated bibliographies, and case studies.

Dissertation Services

Dissertation services involve all the work done to assist graduate students and PhD candidates as they work on their final projects. Because this work is often long term, students might request ongoing help with their entire thesis or dissertation. They might also seek help only for specific sections or chapters.

Admission Services

These are all the products and services that are related to gaining admission into the desired college, and paying for it. This includes admissions essay writing, personal statements, and scholarship essays.

Editing Services

Students may purchase editing or proofreading as standalone services from wiseEssays. They can also purchase these as additional services when they request other writing services.


These are any academic works that don’t involve long-form writing. These are PowerPoint presentations, problem-solving, group projects, and statistics projects.

Payment Options

Students can pay WiseEssays for their work using a debit or credit card. The company lists several options that they accept at the bottom of their home page. Some are standard such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Others are less common. These include JCB, Diners Club, Delta, and more. While we were happy to see these options, it would have been nicer to see some more updated choices. For example, a direct payment option via PayPal would be nice, so would electronic wallet options such as Google Pay. It’s difficult for us to imagine any student who actually has a Diners Club card.

Fortunately, we were able to verify that WiseEssays does use secured payment options. We did not find reports of fraud or loss of funds. They appear to use similar online security options that most online retailers do.


We expect that companies like WiseEssays will publish clear and honest policies and guarantees. These are the documents that outline precisely how a company will support its claims, and behave in an ethical manner towards its customers, employees, and business associates. We explored the WiseEssays website in order to determine if their policies were acceptable.

Privacy Policy

While this doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of writing at WiseEssays, students should read this policy carefully. This details how they collect and use your personal details, how cookies are used, and your rights and responsibilities. Fortunately, this document is easy to read. They appear to take standard steps to protect data security, and are GDPR compliant. This is helpful for WiseEssays customers who live in the EU.

Money Back

This document covers all of the situations in which a student using WiseEssays might want to request a refund. In some cases, the staff at WiseEssays will authorize a full refund. For example, if the customer accidentally placed two orders, pays twice, or the assignment cannot be given to a qualified writer. In other cases, the amount of refund might be prorated, or denied entirely. For example, if your paper isn’t delivered on time, you will get a full refund. However, if you decide that you still wish to download and use the late paper, you won’t get your money back.


Originality is not mentioned in its own policy document. However, WiseEssays does claim elsewhere that all papers they deliver are completely original.

Is WiseEssays Legit?

WiseEssays is legitimate as far as being an ethically run company that delivers products and services, as promised, and adheres to basic business standards. Unfortunately for them, we judge by some additional standards. These include writing quality, and customer. Based on our experience, we found significant issues with writing. Customer support is better, however, we did have some minor concerns.

The paper we received was simply not written at the university level. The writer did a poor job of selecting research sources, the paper wasn’t as long as it should have been, and there were some clear weaknesses in the arguments they made. Several other reviews we read described having similar problems.


We definitely found some good things to say about WiseEssays. Here are some perks we identified.

  • Very reasonable prices
  • Wide variety of discounts
  • Easy website to navigate
  • Fair policies
  • Engaging blog content


Sadly, we found some issues here as well. These are some things that students might find to be a bit problematic.

  • Mediocre to low quality writing
  • Some customer service issues when handling the complaint
  • Lack of specific policies regarding originality
  • Outdated payment options

To Sum Up

At first glance, it seems as if WiseEssays has it all. They charge reasonable prices, deliver products on time, and offer a wide variety of services. Their policies seem fair and reasonable. The WiseEssays.com website is one of the better designed sites we’ve visited, and offers a great user experience. We also found the policies on the WiseEssays.com site to be well documented, and fair.

While these are all great attributes, they were not enough to save WiseEssays from their biggest downfall. The writing is simply not that great. It does appear to be original, and in most cases on topic. Sadly, that isn’t enough. Students pay a significant amount of money for writing assistance, and they deserve truly insightful university-level writing. That means good use of research sources, impeccable citations, concrete arguments, and good use of vocabulary. There should also be a lack of significant grammar and spelling errors. Because they fall short in these areas, we recommend that students work with another writing service. To find one of those, simply read some more of our reviews.

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