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What follows below are the results of our investigation of TrustEssays and our final recommendations. All of our writing service reviews include a step-by-step process that includes the following: A thorough reading of all of the TrustEssays website, to get a general understanding of the company and the value it gives to students. An evaluation […]


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What follows below are the results of our investigation of TrustEssays and our final recommendations. All of our writing service reviews include a step-by-step process that includes the following:

  • A thorough reading of all of the TrustEssays website, to get a general understanding of the company and the value it gives to students.
  • An evaluation of the quality of writing we find on the TrustEssays site. We are looking for excellent English grammar and composition. Writing includes the site content, samples, and blog posts, if available.
  • A review of TrustEssays pricing, discounts, and benefits, compared to those of other writing services that have received top ratings from us.
  • Perhaps most important, we review what actual customers of TrustEssays have to say about the quality of products and the treatment they have received from the company.

This TrustEssays review summarizes what we found.

Pricing System

Visitors to the TrustEssays website can get an immediate quote on any type of writing service they want. There is a short form to fill in the basic details and get a calculation. That price may change based on discounts or other choices during the checkout process, but having that initial pricing is valuable.

Prices do begin at $12.99 per page for a high school piece if a 2-week deadline is given. Prices then vary based upon the type of writing, the level of schooling of the customer, and the time frame that the customer has given for final delivery. This is how reputable writing services operate, and TrustEssays is no exception here. There is differentiated pricing for other types of writing services – admissions essays, business writing needs, editing, and proofreading, etc. – more on that later.

In terms of discounts, TrustEssays has them, and they are comparable to those offered by other professional services. First-time customers can expect a 15% discount, and returning customers can grab discounts from 5 -15%, based upon their cumulative orders. We did check with customer support and were told that there are other special sales and discounts offered throughout the year.

TrustEssays also counts some of their free benefits as a part of cost savings – free title, bibliography, and table of contents pages, customer-specified formatting, plagiarism check, and revisions.

During the ordering process, customers can opt for additional benefits, but these come with fees. They include getting a higher-level writer, a one-page summary for research projects, a complete plagiarism report, copies of resources that a writer used, and a more personalized customer support process. We always urge customers to think about these add-ons and to select only those that they really need.

Types of Services

The drop-down menu of services list categories of writing. Customers can click on any of these categories and get much more detail. Here’s that more detailed look:

Products and Services for Students

  • Basic essays of all types, as often assigned in English classes at all levels of schooling
  • Research essays, again on any topic and at any level
  • Term and research papers
  • Coursework assignments, including online class assignments
  • Test-taking
  • STEM projects/problems
  • Presentations and speeches
  • Articles, analyses, and critiques
  • Lab reports
  • Case studies
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Admission and scholarship essays
  • Personal statements
  • Editing and Proofreading

Products and Services for Professionals and Businesses

  • Resumes, CV’s, and cover letters for job seekers
  • Other applicant materials and skills tests
  • Website, blog, and social media maintenance and posts
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Marketing materials – print and web-based
  • Business plans and proposals
  • White papers and eBooks

We may have left a few items off this list. But, in talking with customer service, we were told that any unique or really complex task can be addressed if a customer will contact them and provide the details.

Having such a complete list is certainly attractive to customers because, if they find that TrustEssays is the right company for them, they will have a “one-stop-shop” for all of their writing needs.

For a company to be that “one-stop-shop,” though, means that it produces not just a lot of different things, but that what it produces is of high quality. And investigating quality is probably the most important part of our work. In the case of TrustEssays, this is what we found:

  • The site content, samples, and blog posts reflect a high level of English grammar and composition. Specifically related to samples, we checked out several – a high school research paper on recycling, a college paper on macronutrients, a literary analysis on Herman Melville, and a graduate level piece on leadership in business environments. In all cases, the pieces were well-done, and research was current and appropriate.
  • Customers who have submitted reviews and comments on TrustEssays to our site are overwhelmingly pleased with their experiences. They speak to high quality, responsive customer support, good communication with their writers, and guarantees honored.
  • We checked other review comments on some of the major consumer review sites, and the story was the same.

Obviously, TrustEssays has a great reputation with its customers. And when customers speak so highly of a writing service, we do the same.

Payment Options

TrustEssays obviously serves customers in a number of countries, as it accepts a variety of currencies – Euros, British pounds, U.S. dollars, Canadian and Australian dollars. To serve all of these customers, it is necessary to accept payments via major international bank cards, and that is just what does – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Nevus, along with PayPal.

In terms of security, TrustEssays provides a secure payment system through a third-party SSL-certified processor. This is the same processing firm that lots of major online retailers also use. Customers can feel safe surrendering their financial information here.


Customers should demand certain guarantees when they put their trust in a writing service. To establish that trust, most companies have policies and other guarantees. The question always is, though, do they stand by those guarantees. In the case of TrustEssays, customers state that guarantees are honored. Through policies and other site content, the following guarantees are provided:

  • Privacy: Customers should trust that their personal information will be securely held and not shared with anyone else. In the case of TrustEssays, customer information is encrypted and held behind strong firewalls. Even writers only know their customers through an assigned ID number.
  • Revisions: There are bound to be times when a customer is not completely happy with a final draft and wants some changes. They should be able to request those changes and get them completed quickly. TrustEssays honors this with free revisions.
  • Money-Back: There are circumstances in which a customer deserves a refund. TrustEssays details these in its policies and does provide partial or full refunds based upon those details.
  • Originality: There is a strict policy of no plagiarism at TrustEssays, and this is backed up with a plagiarism scan that is conducted as each piece of writing is completed.
  • Adherence to customer instructions: There is a lot of detail to be given on the TrustEssays order form, and customers are urged to give as much as possible. The writer is obligated to follow those instructions, and the finished document is reviewed before delivery is made. If ever an instruction has not been followed, it will be fixed immediately.

It seems that Trust Essays guarantees are not just on paper. They are a part of company practice.

Is Site Legit?

Given what we have already confirmed, it is obvious that is not just legitimate. It is committed to its customers in every way and strives to go far beyond just the minimum in terms of writing quality and service. This has resulted in an excellent online reputation that is obviously well-deserved.


We can obviously list a number of “pros” here, but will stick to the most important for customers:

  • Research and writing are exceptional, with degreed and qualified writers
  • TrustEssays guarantees are honored
  • Customer support is helpful, responsive, and effective
  • Specification and requirements are honored.


We do have a couple of suggestions for owners:

  • The blog should be updated. Posts are interesting and helpful, but they do not reflect the most recent challenges that students are facing during these times
  • A couple of the fees for extras seem a bit expensive. The company may want to revisit

To Sum Up

It should be obvious by now that we are completely impressed with In every area of our investigation categories, this company exceeds what we believe to be standard for professional agencies. TrustEssays goes well beyond the standard level and provides quality and service that we rarely see. We cannot recommend this company strongly enough.

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