Nothing is Perfect. Read About the Possible Drawbacks of Using Popular Writing Services in TopEssayWriting Review

TopEssayWriting deserves that review now. Our goal is always to do the deep research that students lack the time for so that we can find exemplary writing consultancies (and weed out the bad ones), and make recommendations. To supply our readers with the required objectivity, we have to be fair, and that means that we […]


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TopEssayWriting deserves that review now. Our goal is always to do the deep research that students lack the time for so that we can find exemplary writing consultancies (and weed out the bad ones), and make recommendations. To supply our readers with the required objectivity, we have to be fair, and that means that we use the evaluation criteria for them all. And those areas of evaluation are the sections that you find below in our TopEssayWriting review. So, let’s have a look at how this company came out of our assessment.

Pricing System

Because we have been in this business for a number of years, we do know what is reasonable and fair regarding pricing and other benefits that reputable companies offer. If prices are high, we want to know why. If they are too low, we are suspicious.

TopEssayWriting came out average in its pricing structure. For academic writing from scratch, costs begin at $12.99 and climb up to $47.99 per page, based upon three factors. Price depends on the specific document type, urgency reflected by the due date, and the customer’s academic grade level. The service has alternative pricing schedules for various services.

One great thing for visitors: at the very top on the TopEssayWriting landing page, you can find a quote form. It enables a user to put in some basic details and get a quick cost, before deciding to move forward. The price presented by the calculator may not be final, but with it, a customer can get an idea of what to expect.

Customers also don’t pay for some perks. These are also listed on the TopEssayWriting main page and encompass such things as pages for which there is no charge, revisions, a plagiarism scan, and formatting.

Discounts are popular perks, and the majority of writing companies offer them. At TopEssayWriting, a first-time customer gets 17%; for customers who return, the company has other discounts and those are listed on the site.

At checkout, clients have some more options, with costs attached. These include such things as a one-page summary, copies of resources, a more personalized customer support experience, choice of the UK or other top writer, etc. We always recommend that students look these over carefully and only choose the ones they absolutely need.

In sum, offers good and transparent pricing.

Types of Services

The entire pool of the writing services that TopEssayWriting provides can be spotted in the drop-down menu. We were delighted to see quite a long list. Details regarding the most common types of ordered writing are housed in footer pages and in a section that discusses the various details about service offerings. This can be found on the landing page, and we highly recommend that you read it, because it also talks about the TopEssayWriting as a company and its writers – good information here.

The top received orders from students at any grade level are essays, research papers and projects, term papers, book reviews, and dissertation and thesis help for grad students.

Among the other TopEssayWriting services, clients can place an order for any of the following:

  • Homework assistance
  • Test-taking
  • Articles
  • Analyses
  • Response or reflective essays
  • Critiques
  • Oral presentations
  • Lab reports
  • Admissions essays and personal statements
  • Paper editing
  • Case studies
  • Rewriting
  • Proofreading
  • STEM coursework
  • Literature or book reviews
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • More

We were told by a customer service agent that if we did not see our specific need listed, that we should contact them and talk about it. They would get a price and find an expert to complete the order.

We believe a large number of services is a plus. Provided the quality is delivered, a student can stay with a writing service for the long-term, and never have to go looking for another source.

So, let’s look at TopEssayWriting quality. When we investigate the quality, we take several factors into account:

  • We always read through the website content, looking for good English composition and grammar. In the case of TopEssayWriting, we found clear writing that reflected not just great English but engaging style.
  • The footer pages were especially well-written.
  • We were also impressed with the TopEssayWriting samples. If you are looking for a writing sample on a specific subject, you may be lucky enough to find an example here. Just remember these are samples only. If not, these are still excellent examples of writing for academics. In any case, we thought every sample we reviewed was exemplary.
  • We compiled all of the comments and discussion that has occurred on our website. Students who have used TopEssayWriting have only positive things to say – great research and writing, direct conversation with their writers, meeting deadlines, and revisions when requested. Not one of these users ever complained about plagiarism or difficulty with customer service accessibility.
  • We also looked on the web for other customer feedback. There were review comments on some of the most popular consumer review sites – all positive that verified what our users stated.

After all of this activity, we can say that is highly regarded by their customers. It, therefore, gets high marks from us too.

Payment Options

Most English-based writing agencies serve customers in several countries – the UK, the U.S., Canada, Australia, and even in Europe. TopEssayWriting is no exception. When companies deal with different currencies, they have to give payment options through major international banking firms – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover – as well as alternative options involving PayPal and wire transfer. TopEssayWriting offers them all.

We also look at the security that the writing company promises to deliver. Businesses taking and storing customer financial data usually don’t get at the top of our list. It’s just too risky. Like most e-commerce companies, TopEssayWriting uses an external payment processing firm that has SSL-certification and can provide a fully safe payment environment.

Customers do not have to worry about making payment.


Good online retailers provide guarantees on their products. If something is faulty or breaks down quickly, they need to replace those products or provide refunds. Writing services should be no different. If products/services do not meet customer expectations, if they are not delivered on time, if they are plagiarized, etc., then there should be guarantees that cover these things. has such guarantees:

No Plagiarism: TopEssayWriting takes every finished document and scans it for plagiarism. Only when it passes that scan is it released for delivery. This appears to be true because no customer has ever complained about the lack of originality.

Customer Instructions Followed: The TopEssayWriting order form has a number of fields for customers to specify their requirements. These will be passed onto the assigned writers and must be followed. These specifications are checked after the document is finished. If any instructions are not followed, those are corrected. If a customer finds that his instructions are not followed, he needs to inform his writer for free revisions.

Confidentiality: most users of writing services do not want it publicly known that they have done so. respects this wish with a guarantee through its Privacy Policy. It does collect personal information, but encrypts it and provides each customer with an ID number to use within the system. The policy also guarantees that TopEssayWriting will not present personal customer information to anyone else.

Meeting Deadlines: TopEssayWriting does guarantee on-time delivery to its customers. If ever a deadline should not be met, there will be measures taken to get the writing to the customer as quickly as possible and to provide additional money-back and other perks.

Revisions: as long as the revision requests do not change the original order, TopEssayWriting will honor any change requests a customer makes. At TopEssayWriting, according to customers, revisions are made quickly and at no extra charge.

Money-Back: in the TopEssayWriting’s Terms of Use policy, the situations in which customers are free to request and receive refunds are clearly outlined. Visitors to the site should review this entire policy. It has a lot of important information and is written in very clear terms.

These guarantees are important but more important is that the company follows through and honors these policies. According to customers, TopEssayWriting does honor its Guarantees.

Is Site Legit?

How do we judge legitimacy? In several ways, actually.

  • Does the website provide clear and well-written information?
  • Are there at least two ways to contact customer service, and does that department respond to customers with accurate information?
  • Is customer information secure, and are payment processes safe?
  • Is there communication between customer and writer?
  • Are guarantees honored?
  • Are the processes for making orders, tracking those orders and approving the final product in place?

Obviously, given the information we have gathered about TopEssayWriting, the company far exceeds our minimum standards for legitimacy.


The vital positives about TopEssayWriting are here stated:

  • Customers report of high quality and excellent service
  • There are clear guarantees that are honored
  • Customer support is accessible and responsive
  • TopEssayWriting has reputation for commitment to customers
  • Quantity and quality reflect focus on long-term relationships


Could we suggest these couple of things?

  • Take out the pesky calls to action that disrupt the flow of footer page details
  • Increase variety of samples
  • Re-evaluate the charges of extra add-ons. They can be prohibitive to student budgets.

To Sum Up

If you have read this summary review, you know that we are impressed with the service. In each category of our evaluation, it gets high marks. Most important, though, is that customers are satisfied and say they will return for more. It is obvious to us that TopEssayWriting is focused on trust and long-term relationships. We are happy to recommend this company for any student in need.

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