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StudyBay is an online writing service that offers academic writing assistance to students. They also offer other academic related help as well. Their business model involves students submitting orders for the work they receive, then receiving bids from writers who are ‘experts’ in that field.


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Our research steps included:

  • Receiving and reviewing an essay written by a StudyBay contract writer.
  • Analyzing the website.
  • Reading their website policies, and other content.
  • Comparing prices and searching for discounts.
  • Evaluating the website for performance and usability.
  • Researching the company online.
  • Reading other reviews and testimonials
  • Engaging with customer support.

We did not find any evidence of fraud or legal concerns. Unfortunately, we were bothered by a less than positive overall reputation, and the fact that we believe many writers provide customers with very  unrealistic claims about their credentials. Further, we found evidence that there is a lack of quality assurance, and that customer support isn’t always helpful to customers who don’t receive work of acceptable quality. Keep reading to learn more about our experiences, and to see our final recommendations.

Pricing System

There are no set prices here. Instead, customers submit an order for writing services. Then, they receive bids from writers who work with StudyBay. Because of the nature of their pricing system, there are no discounts. However, the company does charge a service fee in addition to any money paid to their writers. This is a bit of a small print item that could be an unpleasant surprise for unsuspecting customers.

Types of Services

Students who place an order on StudyBay will note that they can request any type of academic writing. This includes, essays, research papers, admissions documents, thesis and dissertation, proposals, and many more. In addition to this, they can also request assignment assistance, excel problems, math assistance, non word assignments, study consulting, and more. We also noted that resume services are also available. There is an impressively large variety of products and services available here.

Once an order is submitted, there is an influx of bids from contract writers. This raises suspicions, as it doesn’t seem realistic that a single assignment could result in more than a dozen bids in less than two minutes. This is even more true when every writer responding appears to be a PhD or professor. We believe that many of the bids and writers submitting them are less than legitimate. Unfortunately, the quality of the work we reviewed, and the feedback we read from other students also seems to prove this. Students should be aware that it is very rare that someone with a graduate degree from ‘Harvard’ will be working at service such as this.

Payment Options

StudyBay accepts standard forms of payment from students. These methods include debit cards, credit cards, and paypal. Making payment is quite easy here. Further, it does appear as if they use secure payment methods. We have not found any evidence of security issues or fraud. The site appears to work as most other online services in this manner.


We found three documents on that we believed were related to any form of guarantees or policies. They were the user agreement, rules, and the privacy policy document. Here are the details of each.

User Agreement

This document outlines the agreement between the customer, the writer, and StudyBay. Several things stand out here. The first is that StudyBay receives up to a 40% service fee for each transaction. That is a significant amount of money, and one that should mean better customer support than is currently offered.

The policy also outlines that customers have 3 days after receiving their paper to request any revisions. Note that this is in contrast to many other services where this period is usually between 10 and 20 days. Refund requests are at the discretion of StudyBay. However, plagiarism or failing to complete work will generally result in the customer receiving a full refund.


This document outlines the rules and regulations StudyBay writers must follow when applying for jobs and submitting bids. While we were happy to see that there are some guidelines, we question how well they are enforced.


StudyBay has created and published a very detailed privacy policy document. It outlines precisely the information that is collected from customers, and how that data is used. This includes their use of first and third party cookies. An email is provided in the document for students who have questions about their data, how it is used, or who wish to make changes to their private data on StudyBay servers. The company does adhere to the ‘right to be forgotten’. They do not mention GDPR specifically, but their policies do appear to be in line with those regulations. We believe that student privacy and information are well-respected here.

Is StudyBay Legit? is a legitimate website, and writing service. All evidence indicates that they are a legitimately operating business, and that they provide products and services to the students who pay for them.

Unfortunately, not every StudyBay writer is legit. That’s an issue that we have come across multiple times when evaluating writing services that allow customers to select writers in this manner. There are two clear problems here. First, there is clearly not enough done at to determine whether the writers they allow posting bids have the credentials and qualifications they claim to  have. Second, many students simply don’t know how to evaluate the abilities themselves, and are caught believing untrue claims. Worse, they rely on price as their only criteria.

We do believe the bidding model can work. It simply requires much more rigorous testing and background checks for writers. A service using this method must also be deeply committed to assisting customers when there is a quality dispute. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that StudyBay is doing any of these things.


Here are some of the positives that we gleaned from our experience, and that of others.

  • Customers who luck into choosing a good writer will enjoy excellent results.
  • Safe and secure payment options.
  • Interesting and educational blog posts


Unfortunately, there were several issues with Here’s a list of the most pressing concerns.

  • There’s no way to truly determine if a writer is qualified. It appears as if they can essentially claim any credentials they wish.
  • Lack of customer support for students who have complaints or concerns about StudyBay products.
  • Difficult to apply discounts.
  • Inconsistent quality, and in some cases unacceptably poor writing and editing.
  • No apparent quality control.

To Sum Up

Ultimately, we believe there are some real positives when it comes to StudyBay. They have one of the most comprehensive data privacy policies we have seen. is easy to navigate. We also love the extra perks such as tutoring services, and an online plagiarism checker.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that there are significant quality and customer service issues at StudyBay. Sadly, this is often the case at writing services that allow writers to place bids. In many cases, the company doesn’t do enough to verify the credentials of the writers. The result in this case is that many of these writers clearly do not have skills and experience they claim to. We believe that many may not be degreed, or may bill themselves as ENL when their writing makes it clear that they are not.

We are not against bidding systems entirely. However, StudyBay doesn’t do the due diligence required to  use this business model. Students suffer as the result of this lack of oversight. That is why we cannot endorse this service. Instead, we encourage you to take a closer look at our other reviews. We have given our approval to several sites you can trust.

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