Scribendi Review: Writing Website with a 23-Year-Long History

We noticed right away how they don’t have an online quote calculator, which is a huge surprise considering how every other provider does have it. To find out more about the prices you can expect, students have to refer to the site’s pricing tables. Their site has an old-fashioned design, but everything that’s important […]


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We noticed right away how they don’t have an online quote calculator, which is a huge surprise considering how every other provider does have it. To find out more about the prices you can expect, students have to refer to the site’s pricing tables.

Their site has an old-fashioned design, but everything that’s important when it comes to understanding their services is there. They do have a lot of content on the homepage, but most of it is quite useful for customers. There is a review section, services portfolio section, and awards section.

All of this is focused on building trust, and our tests will be focused in the same direction. We want to find out more about their quality, reliability, and transparency. Let’s take a look at some of our findings.

Pricing System

Pricing is usually very transparent with most online-writing providers. As soon as you visit their homepage, there is an online quote calculator waiting there for you.

This is, unfortunately, not the case with Scribendi. If you want to find out the price, you have to first click on the type of service you need and then fill out the required fields on the next page.

Luckily, you only have to enter the total number of words in order to get a quote, or you can upload the document right away. It’s quite unclear why they didn’t just combine all of these factors into one single calculator.

The pricing at starts at $13.91.

The main factors affecting the price of Scribendi services are:

  1. The total number of words in your paper – they have an easy-to-follow list written on their site on how to find out the total number of words in your document.
  2. The type of work required – if you order a simple one-page editing request, your total cost will be much lower compared to a research document, for example.
  3. The deadline – the more time they have to write your paper, the cheaper it is. When it comes to the deadline, they offer quite a wide range from 4 hours all the way till 1 week.

Overall, we were not impressed with so many steps you have to go through in order to get a quote from Scribendi. In this day and age, the process of getting an online quote should be much faster and simpler.

If you want to lower your total cost, with most providers, you have an option to use discounts, and these are available in two forms: first-time customer discount and lifetime discounts.

Unfortunately, the Scribendi team doesn’t offer these options to its users. Sometimes they do provide coupons on their social media sites when they have an active marketing campaign.

Types of Services

We love how the Scribendi team has split their services into 6 different categories, which make them easier to find and understand. These options are listed below:

  • ESL services (English as a second language) – these services are available for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their paper in terms of grammar and technicalities.
  • Academic services are available for students who need help from a Scribendi expert in order to edit and proofread their article, dissertation, or term paper.
  • They can help you with admission services as well, to make you stand out from the crowd and make sure your application gets accepted.
  • The author is a section created for any author who has a novel, manuscript, or eBook and needs editing, copy editing, proofreading, or even a critique for his work.
  • Business services is a section for professionals who need editing for their press releases, marketing materials, reports, or other business documents.
  • A personal segment is created for employed and unemployed professionals who want to improve their resume or cover letter.
  • The student is a service available for anyone who needs help with their essay, assignment, or a term paper.

Next to each section, it was written how the Scribendi team offers editing or proofreading of these documents. If you’re offering online-writing services, you should have written that you do write these documents from scratch as well.

Payment Methods

Scribendi has many different payment methods supported on their site. These options can be found below:

  • PayPal
  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners, and JCB
  • Alipay is available from customers from China
  • ACH or wire transfer is supported for organizational clients

Their credit card processing system is provided by Stripe, which makes it safe to use.

We recommend PayPal as the easiest option to use and for being the most secure one in terms of privacy and safety if you end up canceling your order.


With most providers, guarantees are split into three different categories: the cancellation time, bad quality claims, and late delivery cases.

Unfortunately, the Scribendi cancellation policy is not properly described, and you have to do some research on their site in order to find any details. There is no cancellation policy section available on their site, and we had to do some research under the Terms of Use section.

Scribendi doesn’t refund amounts under $5. If you have arranged a monthly invoicing arrangement with, it’s important to know that they do charge administrative charges up to $50 and an interest rate of 1.5% per month. This is decided upon case-by-case analysis, but it’s worth mentioning.

You also have to download your file from their site within 6 months from completion in order to avoid a fee of $25 if you decide to recover the file.

Is Site Legit?

The site is definitely a legit site, and it’s safe to use when it comes to payments and privacy protection. The Scribendi team has many years of experience, they received many awards, and you can find them easily on every important review site or on social networks.

They have an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau and good online reviews with average grades of 4.5 on Google, 3.9 on Facebook, and 4.6 on Trustpilot.

An important competitive advantage when it comes to the site legitimacy is their online presence. Scribendi has its own pages available on most social networks, such as the likes of Facebook all the way to Pinterest.

Even though this should not be an abnormality, unfortunately, it is. Most other online-writing providers don’t have their own social network pages available.


  • They are active on almost every social network
  • Their customer team is quick to respond and knowledgeable. They can be contacted via email, chat, and call. You don’t have to register in order to chat
  • They are active since 1997, which is quite impressive in this industry


  • Scribendi doesn’t have a modern online calculator available on their site, which makes the process of getting a quote complicated
  • Their site needs to be updated and redesigned in order to adapt to new trends and customer needs
  • Guarantees are not properly explained

To Sum Up

We were very impressed with the fact that the Scribendi team was founded all the way back in 1997. In this industry, this type of age is considered very old. We do applaud them for surviving for so long, and we want them to achieve a lot of success in the future.

It’s quite impressive to have such good reviews on so many different platforms and to keep these profiles active. Their awards are quite impressive as well.

However, after completing this Scribendi review, we were not impressed with the quality of their website. There are many features missing, site design is out-dated, and many different policies are not properly explained, and they are not transparent with many of these.

Based on reviews, awards, and our own testing, we do recommend Scribendi to our readers, but we also advise you to start slow. Start with a low volume order first and proceed from there.

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