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At Essays Writers Reviews, we want to do our own investigations of writing companies and come up with our own conclusions. This is the only way we can feel safe recommending an agency to users of our website. For this PremierEssay review, we looked at five factors – pricing, types of services (quantity and quality), […]


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At Essays Writers Reviews, we want to do our own investigations of writing companies and come up with our own conclusions. This is the only way we can feel safe recommending an agency to users of our website.

For this PremierEssay review, we looked at five factors – pricing, types of services (quantity and quality), payment methods/options/security, guarantees, legitimacy, and overall pros and cons. The results of our deep digging into PremierEssay are summarized in what follows.

Pricing System

At PremierEssay, pricing is calculated in USD, but this company processes and delivers orders for English-speaking students all over the planet – those in the U.K., U.S., Canada, and Australia, as well as from English-speaking schools and colleges anywhere. When payment is made, students can choose other currencies.

There is also differentiation in PremierEssay pricing, depending upon the category of help a customer chooses, the student’s schooling level, and the urgency with which the product or service must be delivered.

Students can get a preliminary pricing quote with a quick estimate form on the PremierEssay home page. A basic secondary essay, for example, begins at $12.99 per page. And academic writing can go all the way up to $21.99 per page for doctoral-level needs.

PremierEssay has categories of services which we will speak to in the next section, and all are priced separately. has the common free benefits that other reliable writing companies have – certain free pages, a plagiarism check, free revisions, and any style of formatting.

There are also options that students can add to their final order, but these have fees attached. Students should think about these carefully and select the ones that they know will really be of benefit.

Pricing at PremierEssay is very standard for writing services that have good reputations and that we have rated highly.

Types of Services

One of the things that we look for when we research writing services is the range of services it offers to students. We like to see a full offering because students can then choose to use a single service for all of their needs rather than try to shop around., wasting time and maybe money. If a company provides what all students might need, plus offers quality at the same time, it gets high ratings from us. So, let’s look at what PremierEssay actually delivers.

There is a link to PremierEssay services – via a drop-down menu on the landing page. These services are separated into categories, and there are more detailed explanations to be found by clicking on each category.

  • Academic Writing: This category includes all assignments that students might encounter from secondary school forward – essays and papers, book reviews, critiques and analyses, case studies, oral presentations, lab reports, research projects, and much more.
  • Coursework/STEM Projects/Problems: Homework assignments can easily overwhelm students. PremierEssay provides help with all types of homework, including tough problem sets and projects associated with STEM content fields.
  • Admissions Writing: Secondary students need to write essays for undergrad admissions; students who are applying to grad and professional programs must produce personal statement essays; and anyone applying for a scholarship will be writing one or more essays. All of these projects can be assumed by PremierEssay, through a department created just for this purpose.
  • Dissertation Help: A dissertation is a grueling project, taking months to complete. Grad students who are struggling with any part of this project will find PremierEssay Ph.D. researchers in their topic field to help. From refining the research questions to setting up the research design, to a literature review, to the data analysis, a student will find the right assistance.
  • Multiple-Choice Questions: This is self-explanatory. PremierEssay has subject field experts who will take timed or untimed tests.
  • Resume/CV/Cover Letter: Students can have their documents created from scratch or edited/proofread.
  • Editing/Proofreading/Re-Writing: Any piece, any document – polished by experts.

Obviously, PremierEssay has everything a student might need in the way of coursework help. The other, and more important, side of this coin is the quality of what PremierEssay can produce. It is the most important rating we give. We can say this about

  • All of the writing on the PremierEssay website is impeccable relative to grammar and composition. It is well-organized and clear.
  • PremierEssay has published a number of samples of its writers’ works on the website. We reviewed several of them and found research integrity and solid scholarly composition.
  • Student users of our website who have been customers of PremierEssay have had only positive things to say about the company. They are pleased with their pieces, have had good communications with their writers, and great customer service when needed.
  • Out on the web, we found other customer feedback. Again, it was consistently positive.

We like what we see here and are giving our highest rating to in terms of quality.

Payment Options

Like all retailers, PremierEssay offers payment by all major and international bank cards. It also accepts wire transfers.

But security is not really an issue with PremierEssay. We cannot recommend any writing service that processes its own payments – it’s just not secure. PremierEssay meets our expectation here. It uses a third-party processor that has a good reputation among other online retailers.


When customers make a purchase, they expect to have certain rights – to return something that is defective and get a replacement; to bring an issue up with the customer service department; in general, to receive service after the sale.

PremierEssay has the guarantees we want to see from a writing agency. These are enumerated in its written policies and repeated on several spots of its site content. Here is what customers are promised:

  • Originality: There is a clear guarantee that no piece of writing will be delivered to a customer that contains any plagiarism. The QA department checks this with a final scan before delivery.
  • Confidentiality: PremierEssay assigns an ID number to every customer who has provided personal information to place an order. The company has to collect this information in order to contact the customer if necessary. But this data is encrypted and securely stored. Students may want to read the PremierEssay Privacy Policy for more detailed information.
  • Revisions: When customers receive an order from PremierEssay, they may not be thoroughly happy. In this case, they can submit requests for revisions, and, in the vast majority of cases, these are completed for free. If a request should alter the original order, though, there may be an extra charge.
  • Refund: There is a Money-Back Policy that outlines the reasons for which PremierEssay will issue either a partial or a full refund. In general, if the company is at fault, it will provide at least some type of refund.
  • Meeting Deadlines: PremierEssay promises to meet the deadline that any student gives as a due date. Customers say this is the case.
  • Customer Instructions: Customers must give PremierEssay all of the requirements for a piece that they order. In return, PremierEssay promises to follow them. The QA department checks this. If a student has forgotten an important item, he can contact his writer directly with that additional information.

We rely on customers to tell us if PremierEssay lives up to its guarantees. Many of them have spoken to promises kept.

Is Site Legit?

Illegitimate writing companies deliver poor quality, scam students out of their money, do not follow through on stated guarantees, and are unresponsive when customers have a problem or issue. PremierEssay does none of these things. In fact, customers do praise the company, its writers, and its customer service department. So, yes, we can say that exceed our basic requirements for legitimacy.


Here we go with the few pros that we consider most important:

  • Quality of products/services is high
  • Degreed and qualified assigned to orders for which they have expertise
  • Great customer service
  • Guarantees that have meaning
  • Focus on serving students long-term


Just a couple of things here:

  • We do like to see more articles in their blog, especially if they contain interesting, educational, and inspirational articles
  • Some pricing for the optional features is high and out-of-reach for many students

To Sum Up does it right. It has a solid business model, good procedures, customer-centered policies and processes, and, most important, produces top quality. A student could actually begin a relationship with PremierEssay in secondary school and continue to order and receive top-notch help all the way through grad school. We give our stamp of approval and recommend this company.

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