Can Papersowl Find You the Perfect Match in Terms of Academic Help?

Whether you are in high school, college, or grad/professional school, you will find plenty of resources here. And if you register as a user, you can participate with other users in conversations, exchange tips and ideas, and just vent some of your frustrations. There’s also a blog with gobs of tips and strategies for navigating […]


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Whether you are in high school, college, or grad/professional school, you will find plenty of resources here. And if you register as a user, you can participate with other users in conversations, exchange tips and ideas, and just vent some of your frustrations. There’s also a blog with gobs of tips and strategies for navigating through life as a student.

A great resource, and our primary focus, is our research of online writing companies that students are using in ever-increasing numbers. Our goal is to ferret out all of the facts and report them in a summary report. This information will let students make informed choices before they spend their money on products or services they need.

This review is a recently completed one that is summarized below.

Payment System

There is not a specific or published PapersOwl cost structure. This is because the business model involves writers bidding on student orders. E went through this process, just to get an idea.

It begins with the placement of an order. To do this, a student must register through a sign-up process. The order form itself is not long and does not require a lot of detail.  In fact, it only has two categories – writing or editing.

The student is then presented with suitable writers, has the chance to “interview” them, select one, accept the price, and deposit that amount in his account for the ultimate payment.

The other option a student has is to let PapersOwl staff select a writer for him. In this case, the price is presented and, if acceptable, the order goes through, and payment is made into the student’s account for future transfer to the writer.

While we did not actually order a piece of writing from PapersOwl, an 8-page college-level research paper would have run between $120 – $135. This falls within the pricing that we find among the most legitimate and reliable writing companies.

There are no offsets via discounts or fee-based extra add-ons. But, if a student agrees to write a review, he will get a 10% discount on his next order.

In sum, PapersOwl pricing is in line with what we normally see with companies we rate highly.

Types of Services

There is a link at the top of the PapersOwl landing page for “Services.” There are several categories of products/services:

  • Essay Writing – this is self-explanatory. Clicking on this item takes the customer to a listing of all of the types of essays PapersOwl offers. And all types are represented.
  • Research Paper Writing: This link details all of the subject fields and format styles available, as well as the free pages – title, bibliography – and other included items
  • Case Study: There are no PapersOwl details about this category. Usually, these are assignments in social science and business fields
  • Thesis/Dissertation: Some of the featured PapersOwl writers have Ph.D.’s, so we assume those would be providing thesis and dissertation research and writing. PapersOwl offers help with any or all sections or chapters, as well as proposals, abstracts, and statistical analysis
  • Essay Examples: PapersOwl has a large collection of essay examples in all subject fields. Students can access these and use them as they write their own pieces on similar topics.
  • Editing/Re-writing: both of these services can be ordered
  • Other: This is a “catch-all” category that includes other less common needs, such as admissions/scholarship essays, and coursework assignments/projects.

Whew. This list is exhaustive and complete – what we like to see. But we must see true quality too. So, we began to look at a lot of writing samples published on the PapersOwl website. The verdict is mixed, and here’s why:

  • PapersOwl features their “top” writers on its site. And attached to each one is a sample essay or paper. We accessed three of those samples and reviewed them. One was quite good; two were not. While they were structured well, the composition itself was obviously ESL – many grammatical, vocabulary and usage errors. We would refer students to the essay on the impact of technology on students to see evidence of this.
  • We also opened and reviewed several of the essay examples that students can download. Again, some were nicely structured and written. Others not so much.

We can conclude that the quality of PapersOwl product is fully based on the chosen writer.

Payment Methods

When a student selects a writer and agrees upon a price, he must then make a payment in that amount to his PapersOwl account. This is “held” until the order is finished and approved by the customer.

Students may make payment via any major credit card or through PayPal. We like to see PayPal as a platform because customers can use it even if they do not have an account. And it is considered one of the most secure payment platforms on the planet.

For those who simply use their bank cards, PapersOwl uses an outside processing company that has the latest security protocols in place.

Guarantees has two written policies – Terms and Conditions and Privacy. We strongly recommend that students read these carefully, because they cover the following “guarantees:”

Release of Funds to a Writer: When a student approves and takes delivery of a writer’s work, the company will release the funds from the student account to that writer. If a student does not approve of the final version, he may request revisions be made before releasing the funds. If a student is still not happy, he must present his case to the company and request that funds not be released. It is up to the company to investigate this and make a decision.

Refunds: These may be requested only under the conditions stated in the Terms and Conditions agreement. Again, we caution students to read this policy carefully.

Privacy: The privacy policy is standard and contains information about how a student’s personal information is protected. It should be noted that PapersOwl does reserve the right to provide email addresses to third parties, and this may be a concern for some.

In all, we understand the limited guarantees that provides. It really operates as a “job board” of sorts, and puts most of the responsibility on the customer for selecting a writer, for communicating with that writer, and for ending the collaboration successfully. PapersOwl staff only steps in when there are issues that affect payment to a writer.

Is Site Legit? has been around since 2014 and is a part of a larger organization, Ratatata, Ltd. which appears to provide digital writing services for businesses. It is a legitimate company, located in Bulgaria.

PapersOwl is honest about its products and services and its operations. It is up to students to decide if they will get the quality they want and if they can be assertive enough to negotiate pricing and to raise objections if they do not receive exactly what they order when they need it.


  • PapersOwl has a wide berth of products and services
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • Process for placing orders and choosing writers is clear


  • Lots of responsibility placed upon the student
  • Company has limited involvement in the production process and beyond
  • Reviews on quality are quite mixed

To Sum Up

We do see a market for what offers. For example, ESL students may find their products of suitable quality. For upper-level college and grad students, though, the quality may not be there. It really depends on the student selection of his writer. This puts a lot of onus on the student to get it right. We urge students to check out some of our other top-rated agencies before making a final selection.

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