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We are publishing this PaperHelp review as part of our ongoing efforts to help students find ideal service to help them with tasks such as academic writing, admissions services, editing, and proofreading. In order to publish a fair and objective summary of PaperHelp, we taken several steps to gather as much information as possible. Here are some of things we completed in our research of


Price from $10
Discount 10%
Writers No

  • Visited as the majority of pages as possible on website.
  • Read policy pages and other website content on PaperHelp.
  • Received and reviewed a college level paper for quality, length, citations, and proper formatting from service website.
  • Used online customer support feature to interact with PaperHelp staff.
  • Read reviews and testimonials posted on other sites.
  • Compared prices and researched available discounts.

Unfortunately, this research led us to largely negative conclusions. Still, we want to share our experiences so that anyone reading this piece can make a fully-informed decision.

We strongly believe steps we taken qualify us to share our experiences, and provide a final recommendation. If you are considering hiring, read rest of this piece before you place an order.

Pricing System

pricing system here is quite confusing. PaperHelp offers several subscription based services. These are 19.95 per month, 39.95 every 90 days, or 69.95 every 180 days. However, this is not for custom writing or editing services. This is to access papers that already been written. In order to place an order, customers go to a website outside PaperHelp. Unfortunately, it was difficult to determine specific price being charged there. We noted a 19.95 per page research fee. We are unsure if students are provided with an original paper or not. We suspect that they aren’t, as order page warns that using papers provided by PaperHelp could result in accusations of plagiarism.

We were unable to find any sort of discounts or coupon codes. It appears that any pricing is final, and students should expect to pay full-costs. Finally, a 19.95 per page fee is somewhat high. It is exceptionally high if that is in addition to writing or subscription costs.

Types of Services

primary service at PaperHelp appears to be a library of previously written academic papers on a variety of topics. These are not original works, and can only be viewed by students who are willing to pay a subscription fee. Students are warned not to use these papers other than as study guides. Unfortunately, paper we reviewed would not be helpful for that purpose. There were multiple mistakes, incomplete thoughts, and poorly formed arguments. Because of lack of quality, we do not believe these are professionally written. Instead, it is quite likely that these were uploaded by students, or taken from research websites. They may also been autogenerated by content spinners.

Custom paper writing is also available. However, that is done through a third party website called Essay Wiz. We found conflicts with name of website, and content on page. We also noted that work is promised as quickly as 30 minutes. Students should be aware that it is not possible to produce and deliver an original paper in that amount of time. Finally, we want to make it clear that beyond these observations this review is on PaperHelp website, not Essay Wiz or any other entities. We do not know relationship between PaperHelp and Essay Wiz.

Payment Options

PaperHelp states that they accept credit cards or PayPal. third party site accepts Western Union, check by mail, or credit card numbers. There is no secure payment processing here. Credit card numbers are sent unencrypted. We are not sure how or if they are stored.


This may be first website we reviewed that contains no policy pages or guarantees. Because of this, we possess no way to state that any guarantees exist. To be clear, this includes data privacy, money-back guarantees, on time delivery, or originality. Because of this, we cannot stress enough that placing an order here would be exceptionally risky. If someone does choose to do so, we urge using a preloaded card, and a temporary email address.

Is PaperHelp Legit?

Unfortunately, we possess significant doubts regarding legitimacy of website. Here are our concerns:

  • website is terribly outdated. Lack of professional design can be indication of a scam or a site that has been hurriedly thrown together.
  • website content is terribly written. This is another sign of lack of professionalism.
  • There appears to be content and pages from other sites here. Students are also routed to third party writing websites without warning. This can be a sign that this is a new website created after an old one was shut down due to unethical practices.
  • payment page is not secure.
  • There is a fee of 19.95 per page just for ‘custom research’.
  • Link to ask questions before placing an order was broken.
  • The majority of links on PaperHelp website did not work.

Frankly, with all of these issues, we are unsure of how this writing service is able to remain competitive. There is none of automation or online help that people expect from internet based services.


Unfortunately, we did not find anything of value here. At best, this is a site that charges students to access papers that been written by other people. That alone is dangerous as it could result in plagiarism, especially if students are unsure of purpose of site. Further, papers that are available appear to be low quality. This means they offer very little value as examples or study guides.


Sadly, there are quite a few here. These include:

  • purpose of site and services they offer is confusing
  • Payment methods are not secure
  • Poor reviews from students and other review sites.
  • Bad website design with confusing navigation.
  • Dubious business practices
  • Hidden costs
  • No policies or guarantees.
  • Risk of plagiarism or identity theft

To Sum Up

We always hate to bring bad news to our followers. Unfortunately, we cannot endorse PaperHelp at this time. That’s not to say there were no positive aspects. There certainly were. We found customer support staff to be quite helpful and friendly. Unfortunately, that was not enough to make up for a lack of writing quality, and what we believe must be a complete absence of PaperHelp quality assurance methods. Further, website is very poorly designed. It looks as if it was built more than two decades ago, and that it has not been updated since. Much of text doesn’t render correctly. That did not contribute to any trust or professionalism. We were also bothered that placing an order routed us to an entirely different website with content that appeared to be lifted from a third site.

We regret having to provide such negative feedback. Unfortunately, it would be a disservice to our readers to do otherwise. We also welcome any other feedback our followers get to offer. We are willing to conduct a second review if we are given a compelling reason to reconsider our verdict. Until then, we urge anyone in need of help to look elsewhere.

That’s bad news. Now, good news! You don’t need to look much further for writing assistance you need. Instead, take a closer look at one of writing providers we do endorse. We are sure you can use any of these to get professional academic help you need.

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