PaperFellows Review: Overview of Our Approach

In the last several weeks, many students have inquired with us about They want to know if this is an academic provider they can trust. In order to help answer that question and more, we’ve conducted intensive research on PaperFellows. This includes: Visiting and reading the PaperFellows website. Reviewing available services. Reading policy pages. […]


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In the last several weeks, many students have inquired with us about They want to know if this is an academic provider they can trust. In order to help answer that question and more, we’ve conducted intensive research on PaperFellows. This includes:

  • Visiting and reading the PaperFellows website.
  • Reviewing available services.
  • Reading policy pages.
  • Engaging with staff members.
  • Conducting price comparisons and looking for discount offers.
  • Receiving and reviewing an academic essay.
  • Reading verified student reviews.

We hope that we are able to present students like you with the information you need to make an informed decision about this writing service. Specifically, we focused on providing information on:

  • Whether this is an affordable service for students.
  • If basic standards of quality and originality or met.
  • The overall reputation of the company.
  • Company policies and guarantees
  • The best and worst attributes that we found.

Please read through to the end of our PaperFellows review. The last paragraph contains our final recommendations.

Pricing System

Of course, pricing is something that most students want to know about right away. With PaperFellows, students pay a predetermined rate per page for most products or services. This rate may vary, however. Prices are subject to change depending on the grade level, urgency of the deadline, and specific writing type. For example, PaperFellows will charge more for an urgent doctoral dissertation than an undergraduate essay with a multiple day deadline.

PaperFellows prices begin at 12.99 per page. This is for high school level academic writing with a two week deadline. The price per page model is used for all writing services, editing, and proofreading, and copywriting.

There are some exceptions to this pricing model. One of these is related to resume and CV services. Rather than charging per page, there is simply a flat rate per document. Because many customers order these items in bulk, there are also package rates available. In addition to this, mathematical problem solving and multiple choice assignment services are charged at a piece rate.

There may be additional fees charged with some orders. These are incurred if the customer decides to purchase one of the available add-on services. These include enhanced customer support, top rated writers, paper summaries, or other documentation. These may be billed as a percentage of the total order or a flat fee.

Finally, there are discounts available here. They offer the standard first time customer, bulk, and loyalty discounts. There are also special or seasonal offers available throughout the year.

Types of Services

If you visit, it’s quite easy to find a complete list of their services. Because of that, we won’t go into the details of every single service. Instead, we’ll start with a brief overview of each of the service categories available. Please keep in mind that this summary of PaperFellows does focus on their academic services, as most of our audience are students.

Academic Writing

It’s easy to see that academic writing is the premier offering from PaperFellows. They offer a full range of services in this category. Some of these are essays, term papers, research papers, critiques, reaction papers, presentations, movie reviews, lab reports, book reports, and annotated bibliographies. Students in high school through graduate school may order these services.


This is the service category that targets students who are attempting to gain admission into competitive school programs and to pay for these programs. Services are application essay writing, personal statements, and scholarship essays.


PaperFellows offers graduate students writing and research assistance with dissertations, thesis, and capstone projects.

Other Academic Assistance

Students may order assistance for complex equations and other problem solving. In addition to this, coursework services include multiple choice quizzes and assignments.


All business related writing is done under the copywriting category. These services include website content and policy pages, product descriptions, website reviews, product reviews, articles, and blog posts. Essentially, any writing a business may need will be found in this category. These services are popular among small business owners, marketing agencies, and overworked PR departments.


Job seekers can place orders for assistance with their resumes, CV, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Many opt to purchase multiples of these documents to be customized for specific jobs they are pursuing. PaperFellows also offers assistance with editing and design.

Editing Proofreading And Rewriting

PaperFellows offers these services in two different ways. First, students may place orders to have their own documents modified and corrected. In addition to this, they may also purchase enhanced editing and proofreading services when they purchase business or academic writing services.

Payment Options

PaperFellows expects payment prior to any work beginning on customer orders. Fortunately, the payment process is initiated on when students place their orders. These payments are then routed to a third party processor for encryption and completion.

Students may choose from several online payment choices. They may make payments using PayPal, debit or credit card, or wire transfer. We found that it was easy to complete the payment process. Further, we did not find any significant evidence of payment issues from other customers. It is our belief that students can make payments here with confidence.


One of the most important items we take into consideration is each writing service’s guarantees. We want to know what these guarantees are and how they back these guarantees if there is any problem. In order to learn more about PaperFellows guarantees, we took the following steps:

  • Visited the website to read policy documents.
  • Read online customer reviews that focused on customer service and guarantees.
  • Measured our own experiences regarding customer service and guarantees.

As far as our experiences with this service, we were entirely satisfied with the paper we received. It was delivered on time. The writing exceeded our expectations. We were charged appropriately for the writing. Unfortunately, because we did not encounter any issues, we did not get the opportunity to see how any guarantees were applied.

The next thing we did was read several customer reviews. These were written by students who had purchased writing services in the past. The majority of verified reviewers were satisfied with their experience. The few that were not indicated that the company worked to resolve their issues and that they did hold to the guarantees they offered.

By reading policy pages, we determined that the company guarantees original writing, that papers will be written according to the customer’s instructions, and that they will be delivered on time. In the event that any of these promises are not kept, the student is entitled to a revision or a refund. The specifics of this are detailed in the company policy documents. We urge any student to read these carefully.

Is PaperFellows Legit?

We visited the website with the goal of determining whether the company was legit or not. Our criteria for making that determination follows:

  • Is the website safe, easy to navigate, and available at all times?
  • Are there customer support reps who are easy to contact?
  • Does the company make available all services to all customers?
  • Do they charge fair prices?
  • Does the provider stand behind its guarantees?
  • Do they deliver products as promised?

In this case, we are happy to say that PaperFellows is legitimate. The answer to all of the questions listed above is yes. In addition to this, the company has earned a stellar reputation in the academic writing field. This is a legit company that offers services as they promise.


In our investigation, we found several positive elements of PaperFellows. Here are the most noteworthy of these:

  • Above average writing.
  • A wide range of services.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Budget friendly prices.
  • Policies that work in favor of the consumer.
  • Attractive discounts.

Overall, we were happy to note more good than bad in our research.


When it comes to negatives, we truly struggled to find many issues with PaperFellows. Perhaps a few more writing samples would be nice. Students might also appreciate seeing more blog posts and a bigger social media presence. Still, any cons we found were more than balanced by the positive attributes here.

To Sum Up

Our final conclusion is that PaperFellows does an excellent job at providing students with academic writing at great prices. Our personal experiences with them were completely satisfactory. The essay we obtained from PaperFellows was well-researched, written by someone who clearly understood the topic, and free of any significant mistakes.

Further, we found that PaperFellows charges competitive rates, and they offer helpful discounts. Both should be notable to students who are looking for both quality and budget prices. Any student who decides to work with this company is likely to have an excellent experience. That is why we do not hesitate to provide our endorsement.

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