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MyEssayLab is one of the most popular companies that provide essay writing for students and small businesses. For this MyEssayLab review, we checked different sources of information. We started with evaluating the vendor’s website, As we were surprised by the positive testimonials and information that we discovered, we decided to double-check. So, we went […]


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MyEssayLab is one of the most popular companies that provide essay writing for students and small businesses. For this MyEssayLab review, we checked different sources of information. We started with evaluating the vendor’s website, As we were surprised by the positive testimonials and information that we discovered, we decided to double-check. So, we went online and read what people said on community forums and blogs. The feedback continued to be the same. This means that MyEssayLab does an excellent job of keeping its customers satisfied.

We also wanted to check who owns this company and domain. The founder is based in Cyprus, Nicosia. Even though we didn’t find any additional details about this company, we also didn’t find anything negative about it. Therefore, we consider that the owner is clean given the high-quality work delivered by MyEssayLab.

Another exercise that helped us create a fair MyEssayLab review was through direct ordering. We chose a type of essay and launched an order directly on the website. How was the quality received? We liked that the writer did thorough research. The paper was plagiarism-free. Plus, we didn’t identify any grammar or spelling errors. What does it mean? MyEssayLab is a reliable writing service provider.


One of the key elements that keep clients satisfied is the price. As we received a very good paper, we expected to pay a price which was above the market’s average. MyEssayLab keeps fair prices and stays in line with the market. This is a healthy behavior considering that their target audience is formed by students.

If you go on, you will identify that the prices are influenced by the following criteria: number of pages, difficulty level, and deadline. The shorter the deadline, the higher the price. Also, clients can find a price calculator directly on the website. Before we launched our order, we also checked how much we would pay for it. For a 1-page essay written for college-level, we paid $12.99. This price was valid for a delivery date of 2 weeks from the order date.

MyEssayLab interesting quotation system doesn’t end here. We also identified some interesting discounts. For example, any new customer that places an order on pays 15% less than the calculated price. Large orders are also a special category that goes for extra discounts. The customer department staff is open to discuss each case in particular and offer life-time discounts.

We also identified some discount ranges for high-volume orders. For example, a client who has ordered 15+ pages in total on receives an instantly 5% life-time discount. In case the total number of pages ordered goes to 50+, the discount goes to 10%. For orders of more than 100 pages in total, the life-time price reduction is 15%.

Seasonal discounts are also available. Even though there is no clear percentage mentioned on the website, we encourage customers to check periodically. Loyalty is also rewarded. Any client who places a minimum of three orders on the site will automatically enter the loyalty program. This is a privilege that brings additional discounts and special offers for future orders. Again, the support team can offer more details on how the program works.

Services Offered

On, clients will find a comprehensive list of services that can serve students and business owners. Customers can order academic or research papers, ask for coursework help, or book reviews. When it comes to the difficulty level, the writers can meet any type of requirement. Therefore, they can write papers for high school, freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, master’s, and doctoral levels. According to the information presented on the site, MyEssayLab works with native writers exclusively.

When it comes to selecting the writers, the company has a thorough process. Most of the writers the company works with have a graduate degree. For more difficult papers, MyEssayLab also works with Ph.D. graduates. Even though they have enough experience, a writer won’t be accepted unless he/she graduates from an institution from the United States, Canada, UK, or Australia.

MyEssayLab also offers services for business owners. They can order copywriting services. Young professionals can also order admission paper or resume writing. Additional services include proofreading and editing.

Available Payment Methods

MyEssayLab doesn’t make any compromise in their payment system. All payments are processed through a third-party payment processor. This means that the payments are 100% secure. PayPal and WireTransfer are some of the most popular payment methods. Students like them as they are secure and very easy to use. Payments can be done using AMEX, MasterCard, Discover, and VISA cards. In our opinion, all payment methods available on protect customers from scams.


There’s no doubt that MyEssayLab is a reliable writing service provider. One of the signs that lead us to this conclusion is defined by comprehensive guarantees. We found different policies on Each of them offers clear guidelines on how the ordering, payment, and refunds processes work. Also, these policies protect the writers as well.

Refunds Policy

MyEssayLab customer department handles every refund situation individually. According to their money-back guarantee policy, customers can quickly identify the situations when they can receive their money back. As a general rule, the calculation for the refund will follow the criteria below:

  • Percentage of work already done by the writer
  • Inconvenience seriousness that the customer suffered
  • The total amount paid for the order

In case the writer delays in delivering the order according to the deadline, customers are also eligible for refunds. Again, such situations will be individually analyzed by the support team. A refund will be granted only if the delay is the writer’s fault only. On the other hand, during the writing process, the writer might ask the customer for additional information. In case he/she didn’t answer on time and this caused a delay, then the refund request can be denied.

Double billing is also a subject of refunds. However, MyEssayLab doesn’t return the money immediately to clients for such cases. In case the order is doubled and a writer already started working on it, then the amount will be calculated based on the amount of work already done. From our point of view, this is a fair treatment towards writers. Even though everyone puts a lot of effort in providing high quality, refund cases might appear. Therefore, it is important to have such policies in place with clear rules that everyone should follow.

Revision policy

The revision policy is important to keep clients satisfied and ensure the highest level of quality. Clients are entitled to ask for free revisions in the first two weeks from the delivery date. In case the customer comes with a revision request after the 14 days, then it will be considered as an additional proofreading service. This means that the client will have to pay for editing and proofreading services.

Also, the policy includes details on how to submit a revision request. Once the client receives the paper, he/she also gets a “feedback” form. The customer should use it to send the revision request to the writer. As long as the request doesn’t include other details than what was initially ordered, the revision will be done for free. In case the customer includes additional conditions, then the support team will calculate additional fees.

Is the Site Reliable?

From our point of view, is a safe website. When we give such a verdict, we consider different criteria. First, the website looks professional. It also has a clear structure and it is very easy to use. As we know, a professional writing service company invests money in creating a user-friendly site. This is a sign of respect towards its client and transmits trust.


MyEssayLab does an excellent job in the following areas:

  • Affordable prices in line with the market
  • Clear guidelines for refunds, privacy, and revisions
  • Diverse discount offers
  • ENL writers


We consider that MyEssayLab should do better on the following aspects:

  • Not enough evidence of the founder’s experience in providing writing services


To conclude, MyEssayLab should be trusted by clients for reliable and high-quality writing services. Our conclusion is backed up by clear evidence. First, it works with native English speakers only. This decision influences the paper’s quality. It is impossible to have a low-quality paper from a native writer. Also, the vendor offers safe payment methods. The comprehensive guidelines on refunds, privacy, and revisions are another sign of reliability. Finally, we consider that the company respects its clients by offering affordable prices. MyEssayLab follows the market’s trends. Plus, generous discounts attract clients and keeps them engaged in the long-term.

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