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Master Grades is a UK-based writing company that has been in business since at least 2012, as far as we are able to discern. While it caters to students, professionals, and businesses in the UK, it does offer its services to any customer in the English-speaking world. To provide a written summary review of, […]


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Master Grades is a UK-based writing company that has been in business since at least 2012, as far as we are able to discern. While it caters to students, professionals, and businesses in the UK, it does offer its services to any customer in the English-speaking world. To provide a written summary review of, we have checked and evaluated several factors – the written content on the website, information about employed writers, pricing, safety and security, benefits (free and fee-based), writing quality of products, other services, quality of customer support, policies, and guarantees. Once we gathered all of this information on MasterGrades, we prepared this written summary. We want users of our review site to have clear and objective information as they make a choice among all of the writing services out there competing for their business. We believe MasterGrades will not disappoint.

Pricing System

One of the things we like about MasterGrades is that its pricing is clear, fixed, and transparent. Customers can calculate what their order will cost before they actually place an order. There are charts for every type of assistance, whether that is writing from scratch, re-writing, editing, admissions services, and more. Customers can fill in the details on a simple form, look at their deadline parameters, and get a set price.

Prices at MasterGrades begin at $12.99/page for a secondary school student who needs a product within two weeks. They go up as the academic level does and as the deadline specification does. Ph.D. students will pay as much as $47.99/page with a shorter deadline. These are prices for writing from scratch.

There are many other calculations you can do. If you need re-writing, for example, you will pay a starting cost of $9.99/page; if you need editing? Starting cost is $4.99/page. There are also specific pricing calculations for editing, proofreading, admissions essays, test-taking, STEM problem solving and more. Again, all you have to do is put in the specifics and get your price.

There is also a discount program. A new customer will get a 15% discount on his first order. After that, there is a progressive discount plan, from 5- 15% off, based on the number of pages that accumulate from future orders.

MasterGrades will not charge for standard pages and services – title and bibliography pages, plagiarism check, formatting, and such. These are also standard with most professional writing companies.

There are extra MasterGrades options that a customer can choose as he places his order, and these do come with fees attached. We urge customers to check these out and choose the ones that may be the best for his individual circumstances.

Types of Services

The list is long. Services are roughly divided into three categories:

For Students

MasterGrades offers every possible type of academic help a student might want or need.

  • Essays of any type, at any academic level, and on any topic
  • Research and term papers from high school through graduate programs
  • Book and movie reviews
  • Presentations and speeches
  • STEM problem-solving
  • Coursework assignments
  • Case studies
  • Lab reports
  • Research proposals and projects
  • Sections and chapters of theses and dissertations
  • Scholarship essays and admissions, and personal statements
  • Editing, proofreading, and re-writing
  • Multiple choice test-taking

For Professionals

Whether you are ready to graduate or already in the job market, MasterGrades has a department dedicated to production of resumes, CV’s, cover letters, and any other job application document writing.

For Businesses

MasterGrades also serves business clients, with copywriting, marketing materials, reports, and more. Whether a business is online, brick and mortar, or both, there are resources available through the company’s business writers.

Offering such an array of assistance is great, but the more important factor is the level of quality that MasterGrades delivers to its clients. To judge quality, we checked out several things.

  • We read through some of the sample writings on the website. We were impressed. One was a book review on “The Man Without a Face,” an introspective look into Vladimir Putin; another was a research paper on human resources management in the healthcare Both of these pieces had solid thesis statements, excellent structure and flow, and scholarly grammar and tone.
  • We also solicited customer feedback from students who use our site. They tell us that MasterGrades produces high quality writing pieces, follows their specifications, and delivers on time. Overall, satisfaction is high.
  • We also checked out on the web for any customer reviews we could find. We found MasterGrades review comments on some major review sites, such as SiteJabber and Trust Pilot. Again, customers give the company high marks in all categories.

To sum all of this up, we are pretty high on MasterGrades and its obvious commitment to quality and service.

Payment Options

We like to see lots of options for payment, and MasterGrades did not disappoint. Customers can use any major bank card, along with PayPal to make their order payments. Another concern is always security, when you are giving up your financial information to an “unknown” online retailer. Fortunately, we checked this out for you. MasterGrades does not collect or store your card information. Once you start to pay for your order, your personal details are taken and sent to an SSL-certified payment company – the same company that lots of big online retailers also use.


You need to read the policies. They are published on the site, and contain many of the guarantees you will want and that we like to see. You will find more guarantees posted on the MasterGrades website too. In short, here is a quick summary:

  • The Terms of Use policy outlines your rights and responsibilities, as well as those of the company. Your order will be assigned to a suitable and well-qualified writer; you have access to your writer during the process; you are free to request revisions until you like the result.
  • The Privacy Policy guarantees that your personal information is safe and secure and that it will never be traded or shared with other parties. Most writing service customers do not want others to find out that they are getting outside help, so this is an important guarantee
  • Money-Back guarantee: There are certain conditions under which customers can request and receive either partial or full refunds. These are all clearly spelled out in the policy and do reflect the MasterGrades commitment to doing right by its customers.
  • On-Time Delivery: An important part of your order requirements is the deadline by which you need your piece of writing. After all, your instructors have given you deadlines too. MasterGrades guarantees delivery on or before the deadline requirement or it will make things right via a refund and/or credit toward a future order.

These types of guarantees are pretty standard for the industry, but customers do state that does live up to them.

Is the site Legit?

In one word, yes. What we know for certain is that MasterGrades advertises its writing assistance in detail, takes and analyzes customer orders, assigns the writers with the most relevant expertise (all of whom have a Master’s or higher), puts customers in communication with their writers, and sees that the completed papers are original and well-researched and written. And, as verified by customers, deliveries are consistently made on time. In short, during a time in which many writing services are not professional and ethical, it is nice to find one that meets all of our standards. meets them with flying colors.


We could list any number of “pros” for MasterGrades. Among the top important are probably the following:

  • MasterGrades delivers what it promises
  • Prices are within standards for the industry
  • Guarantees and policies are clear and transparent
  • Customers are satisfied and happy.


While we do not see much in the way of “cons” for, we could suggest the following:

  • Promising that all pieces are checked for plagiarism and then charging extra for a plagiarism report is probably not something MasterGrades should be doing
  • Non-UK customers should be given more reassurance that their language style will be honored.

To Sum UP

We like MasterGrades – a lot. We have dug deep into this company and taken all steps to ferret out true, objective information about its operation, its offerings, and its commitment to customers. We love coming across companies that meet our high standards, and MasterGrades is certainly one of them. Without any reservations, we can feel comfortable recommending MasterGrades as a premier, trustworthy, and reliable writing company. If you need any type of writing assistance, you cannot go wrong using this company.

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