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Students can decide that they need professional writing help anytime during their college journey. Many of them try to do the essays themselves and get the best possible grades in school. However, not all students are able to achieve such goals. Thus, they consider it is better to ask for the help of professional writers […]


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Students can decide that they need professional writing help anytime during their college journey. Many of them try to do the essays themselves and get the best possible grades in school. However, not all students are able to achieve such goals. Thus, they consider it is better to ask for the help of professional writers and redirect their energy to other subjects that interest them most. Companies like MarvelousEssays understand the students’ needs and they do their best to make sure that they receive the expected quality.

In this MarvelousEssays review, our focus is to share only objective information with our readers. We reviewed the company’s way of working and tried to get as many valid details as possible from Therefore, our readers will first find what to expect in terms of prices. We will share the results of simulations that we did use the price calculator and also offer details on how the price calculator works. Also, this MarvelousEssays review contains details on the applicable discounts and a list of services. Even though the company has a solid reputation on the market, we will continue to be honest until the end. Therefore, whenever we notice that something could be done better, we will express such opinions in the following paragraphs.


Students have a tight budget when they are in college. The majority of their monthly amounts come from parents or from part-time jobs. Therefore, when they decide to work with a company that provides writing services, they want to know from the beginning how much they will pay for each essay. MarvelousEssays uses a price calculator that offers transparency to any client who accesses So, the customers have to enter the basic details of their service needs and the tool will return the final amount. Besides, it is essential to mention that the final invoice will contain the price delivered by the calculator.

The details required by the price calculator include the type of essay, difficulty level, and deadline. The writers working for MarvelousEssays can deliver an essay in a maximum of 11 days. As we mentioned above, we also did some simulations to validate the information extracted from So, we calculated the price for a high school essay for which we selected the maximum possible deadline. The tool showed us a cost of $12.99 for 300 words, which is the equivalent of one page. If we were to compare this price with the market’s average, we can say that it stays in the current trends.

MarvelousEssays gives students the opportunity to choose the VIP package and secure the highest possible quality delivered by the writers. This special package has a total cost of $22.88 and it offers some additional features that a basic client won’t receive. For example, the client can ask for extended revisions and receive notifications on SMS whenever the writer finalizes a new chapter of the paper. Also, a VIP client will have his/her orders written by the top 10 writers who work for MarvelousEssays. Besides, the paper will be proofread by the best editors and be thoroughly checked for plagiarism.

MarvelousEssays values both new and returning clients. Any new customer who submits an order on will automatically receive a discount of 15% from the price delivered by the calculator. The discount will be applied instantly in the order form.

Returning clients can receive different discounts based on the total number of pages ordered. Besides, these price reductions have a permanent character. For example, those clients who ordered at least 30 pages on are eligible for a lifetime discount of 5%. The second stage is 10% and it becomes valid for those clients who have ordered 50 pages so far. The highest possible discount available for loyal clients is 15%. It is granted for anyone who has ordered at least 100 pages on

MarvelousEssays has developed an affiliate program that rewards those clients who have shown their loyalty towards the company. Both the loyal customer and the friends who use the affiliate link benefit from generous discounts. The client gets a 10% discount from the referred friend’s order. The friend will also get a 17% discount when he/she places the first order.

List of Services

MarvelousEssays has developed a detailed list of services that target mainly students. It works with skilled writers who can cover different types of writing services. For example, the students can order lab reports, literary analysis, book review, term papers, thesis, and many other types of papers directly from When it comes to the topics, the vendor puts consistent efforts to hire writers with vast experience on different subjects.

The recruitment process is very detailed and strict. Therefore, the writers who want to work with MarvelousEssays have to go through different interview phases and tests and convince the recruiting team that they have solid knowledge on the topics they want to write about. Thanks to their expertise, MarvelousEssays can offer essay writing services for college, university, master, or Ph.D.

The list of services includes editing, proofreading, and rewriting services as well. They are suitable for students who want to make sure that their paper is thoroughly checked before they submit it to the professor for grading. Even though the list of services seems to be very complete, we couldn’t find writing services for young professionals or business owners. CV or resume writing, as well as web content writing, business proposals, or news releases, should be also included in the list of services.

Payment Methods

A client who submits an order on can finalize the payment using different methods. What’s important to mention is that all of them are 100% secure. This feature brings more trust in the clients’ eyes. The customers can pay for their orders using cards issued by VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, or Discover. If they don’t like to pay via card, students can also use SafeCharge Limited and 2 Checkout to finalize their orders’ payments.

As MarvelousEssays targets students, it should also consider including PayPal as an accepted payment method. It is as safe as all the payment methods mentioned above, but it is also very easy to use.

Terms and Conditions

We couldn’t find a separate page on dedicated to refunds and revisions. As these are some of the most sensitive topics for customers, we consider that MarvelousEssays should make them more visible on the site. However, information about these policies is included in the terms and conditions section.

When it comes to revisions, the policy mentions that customers can get free revisions if they submit the request in the first 48 hours from the delivery date. This timeframe is valid only for those orders that have between 1 and 19 pages. For large orders, this period is extended and allows customers to submit revision requests within a month. Apart from respecting this timeframe, the customers should also pay attention to the instructions he/she submits to the reviewer. They should be the same as the ones inserted in the initial order form. In case the client considers that he/she has additional instructions and requires more advanced revisions, he/she should contact the customer support team. In such cases, MarvelousEssays will apply extra charges to the client as it considers that the reviewer’s efforts are higher.

Guidelines on refunds are also mentioned in the Terms and Conditions section. It includes details on the situations that make a client eligible to ask for full refunds. Therefore, if the client decides that he/she wants to call off the order before MarvelousEssays finds a suitable writer for the topic, he/she can receive all money back. In the case of double payment, full refunds are also awarded only if the client brings solid evidence that proves the double payment.

Partial refunds are accepted depending on the period when the client sends the cancellation request. In case the client wants to cancel the order when a maximum of 19% of the deadline has passed, then the refunded amount will be 80% of the price paid. The refunded amount drops in case the cancellation request appears after a longer period of the deadline has passed.

Is a Legit Site? is a reliable site for many reasons. The first reason that convinced us is that it has a professional look. This means that MarvelousEssays worked with professionals in web development and allocated a budget for this aspect. Also, the site allows customers to pay for their orders using safe methods. Therefore, the site has an encrypted payment system incorporated that secures all payments and makes clients trust it. Such systems can be installed only on a legit site, just as is.


We identified the following pros in our MarvelousEssays review:

  • Safe payment methods
  • Legit website
  • Affordable prices
  • Attractive lifetime discounts


Our MarvelousEssays review showed the following cons:

  • PayPal should be included as an accepted payment method
  • Refunds and revisions policies should include more clear examples


MarvelousEssays offers an extended list of writing services that target students, in general. These services come at affordable fees which are consolidated by generous discounts. Both loyal and newcomers will benefit from generous price reductions that encourage them to keep submitting orders on Also, the payment methods are diverse and 100% safe. Still, PayPal is not accepted as a payment method which can be a weak point for the company. When it comes to refunds and revisions, the company included some details in the terms and conditions section. However, MarvelousEssays should create a separate page for them and come with more clear examples for accepted requests.

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