GrabMyEssay Review: Is This Service a Rescue for Busy Students? Overview

It is our goal at to separate out all of these “actors” and to get as much factual information to students as possible so that they can select a writing service that can be trusted to deliver on its promises. This GrabMyEssay review has been crafted with care and presents all of the factual […]


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It is our goal at to separate out all of these “actors” and to get as much factual information to students as possible so that they can select a writing service that can be trusted to deliver on its promises.

This GrabMyEssay review has been crafted with care and presents all of the factual information we have been able to dig up so that students don’t have to wonder if it is a service they might want to use. There are several categories of review, as they appear below.

Pricing System

Cost is often the first thing that students look at when they look at getting some writing or other coursework help. While we don’t recommend this approach, we do understand. But we would caution against simply going with the cheapest company – like anything else, “you get what you pay for.” We look for prices that we know to be the average range for trustworthy providers. And GrabMyEssay prices do fall within that range. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Prices start at $14.99/page for high school students who need academic writing pieces and have 14-days to spare to get those done. They move on up to $56.09/page for doctoral and professional school students who are in much more of a hurry.

But there are other services beyond just original academic writing, and GrabMyEssay has distinct pricing charts for all of those too. Again, costs are average. Students can get an idea of the cost of any product or other coursework help, by completing a brief quote form on the landing page. We like to see this up-front transparency.

There are other elements that may impact the final cost:

  • There is a link to the GrabMyEssay discount plan. It is comparable to that of many other agencies, with a first-order discount of 15% and graduated discounts over time, as customers return for more help.
  • There are typical free benefits, such as certain pages, any style of formatting, plagiarism scan, and unlimited revision requests
  • There are also options that come with a fee. These are described during the checkout process. They include such things as a final expert proofreading, selection of a more expert writer, more individualized customer support, etc. Before adding these to a GrabMyEssay order, students should think about what they really need.

GrabMyEssay basic prices fall within the high average range in this industry, and the “extras” are standard too.

Types of Services

We always look very carefully at the types of products and other academic services a company offers. Why? Because, if a student can find a company that can serve him well from high school through graduate-level work, he never has to look for another resource again. He has found a “home.”

GrabMyEssay has a “services” link, and all of its services are divided into categories – academic writing, admission services, resumes/CV’s, dissertation services, re-writing, editing and proofreading, test-taking, copywriting, STEM coursework and “other.” By clicking on any of these items in the drop-down menu, students will get a more detailed explanation of what is offered. There may be unique needs that are not listed, but one customer support agent told us that this is not a problem. Students just contact them, describe what they need, and a qualified expert will be found.

Given that GrabMyEssay offers almost anything a student may need, we then looked to the more important factor – what is the quality of delivered products/services. To determine this, we took a look at several things:

  • What is the quality of writing on the website? If we find lots of grammatical errors, we are suspicious. A company that wants to appeal to student customers should see to it that their website content is written in proper English. GrabMyEssay more than met this expectation. The content is well-organized and written in impeccable English.
  • Are there writing samples that visitors can review? And what is the level of quality of these? We read through several of these samples and, frankly, we were impressed. There is evidence of solid research at appropriate levels, sound structure, good thesis statements, and scholarly writing style.
  • We combed through our own website for comments and conversations among our users. And we found a good amount. Student users of our site have very positive things to say about To be specific, they like what they get. Their instructions are followed, they get delivery on time, they have frequent communication with their writers, and their orders are delivered on time. We were also happy to note that when they had to ask for revisions, they got those done quickly.
  • We always go out onto the web and see what we can find. GrabMyEssay has social media accounts and holds conversations with its customers. And there are consumer review websites where customers have planted their comments. All of this reflected a company that puts its customers and their satisfaction first and is looking for permanent relationships with those customers by giving them just what they want and need.

GrabMyEssay gets a high rating from us in the areas of both how much they offer and the quality of what they deliver.

Payment Options

It goes without saying that writing companies must offer a range of payment options for its customers, just like any online retailer would. GrabMyEssay takes any major credit or debit card, and uses PayPal too. This will allow any international customer to easily make payment for his order.

Online customers always have concerns about security, especially when they are dealing with a new company. GrabMyEssay has this covered in a couple of ways. First, PayPal now allows any person to use its payment processing platform, whether they are account-holders or not. This is a great service and offers solid security. But, for customers who prefer to go through just the traditional methods of submitting their bank card information, there is security here too. GrabMyEssay does not process customer payments. It uses an outside payment processor that takes care of all that. That processor is SSL-certified and is one used by many other e-commerce retailers. Customer financial information is handled in a safe and secure way.


In the writing service industry, guarantees ae important. But they must be more than mere writings on a page. There has to be an actual application in the behaviors of these companies. We looked at GrabMyEssay guarantees, those contained in its written policies and those touted on the website. We wanted to see what these promises were and if the company actually honored them:

  • Originality: GrabMyEssay states that every order is started from scratch when a writer is assigned. And every final draft is run by the quality assurance team and checked for plagiarism. Once cleared, it is delivered to the customer, and it is wiped from the GrabMyEssay system so that it never shows up again anywhere.
  • Privacy: there is a privacy policy on the website. It is pretty standard and describes what kinds of information the company collects. Customers have to give some personal information when they place an order, but this is all encrypted and stored securely. Customers use assigned ID numbers for their personal accounts. An important note here: GrabMyEssay does not share personal information with anyone else- not ever.
  • Revisions: when customers want changes made to their final drafts, they request these of their writer or go through customer support. These are free under most circumstances. There are times when a fee may be charged but that is only when a request has changed the original order and when more work must be done by the writer.
  • Refunds: There is a “money-Back” policy, and it explains when refunds are given to customers. In general, refunds are offered when the company has done something wrong – late delivery, for example.
  • Customer specifications: If customers are careful about filling out their order forms, they will have given the writer all of the requirements for the piece of writing. The quality assurance team checks the final draft against these instructions. If anything is missing, it is fixed before customer delivery.
  • Meeting Deadlines: This is a big focus for GrabMyEssay. It knows that students have a timeline for when they must have a product to submit to an instructor. And when a deadline is given, the company will meet it, or face consequences. We did not find any customer who stated a deadline was not met, but there would be refunds and other perks if that should ever happen.

From all of our digging, we can say that GrabMyEssay honors its guarantees.

Is Site Legit?

Many writing services can be called legitimate. They have a website, they accept writing or other types of orders, they produce a product, and they deliver that product to a customer. This is the bare minimum requirement for legitimacy, and GrabMyEssay certainly meets it.

What sets great companies apart, though, is how they treat their customers, their guarantees, their customer support, and their commitment to customer satisfaction, no matter what it takes. This is the legacy of GrabMyEssay.


There are too many pros to list here, but those that we think are most important for students to remember are these:

  • Customer needs and service come first
  • Product quality is top-notch
  • Guarantees are real
  • Writers are qualified experts


As high as we are on this service, there are a couple of things we would point out:

  • The GrabMyEssay blog is seriously outdated. It needs to be maintained and updated with more relevant articles
  • Some of the prices for extras are on the high side. And if a plagiarism scan is done on every final draft, why would a customer need to pay for a plagiarism report?

To Sum Up

We really like It has all of the elements that we see in the best writing services out there. What’s more, if students make the decision to go with GrabMyEssay for their coursework assistance, they will have a place to go to, no matter what their need may be through all of their schooling years. In short, a student can’t go wrong with GrabMyEssay. We strongly recommend it.

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