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At Essays Writers Reviews, we get it. We were all “there” once, even though we did not face all of the struggles and challenges that students do today. Course content is exploding; budgets are tight with accumulating student loans and part-time jobs, etc. Students today just have more “on their plates” than we did. All […]


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At Essays Writers Reviews, we get it. We were all “there” once, even though we did not face all of the struggles and challenges that students do today. Course content is exploding; budgets are tight with accumulating student loans and part-time jobs, etc. Students today just have more “on their plates” than we did.

All of this is the reason for Essays Writers Reviews. We exist to do everything we can to make a student’s life easier and more balanced. We provide lots of resources and the chance to commiserate with other students facing the same struggles and issues.

One critical resource that our users take advantage of is our investigations and written reviews of online writing services that promise to relieve students of their academic assignments with top-quality research and writing. This is an ongoing effort, as we continue to add to our reviews.

This FreshEssays review we have written about a company that has been in business since 2010 and based in the UK.

Pricing System

Visitors can get an initial pricing estimate when they land at FreshEssays.

Pricing is separated into categories – writing from scratch, editing/proofreading, multiple-choice questions, and problem-solving. Students can enter basic information and get a quote.

For example, in the writing from scratch category, product costs range from $10/page for a high school essay with a 20-day deadline. This price increases with academic level, type of product, and the deadline requirement for delivery. It can go as high as $58/page for Ph.D. level work with just an hours-long deadline. Pricing charts are available for the other categories as well. Students should be warned in advance. The category of problem-solving which seems to relate to STEM coursework, is quite pricey.

Final pricing is calculated during the formal ordering and checkout process. That final price can be affected by the following:

  • There is a 5% discount for all new customers
  • There are discounts ranging from 5 – 10% depending on the cost of an order
  • There are extra “benefits” that come with fees attached. These can be added during the ordering process. They include such things a s a “top writer,” a full plagiarism report, a one-page summary, and VIP customer support during the production process. We always recommend that students think about what they really need before paying extra for these options.

FreshEssays pricing system is in line with other writing agencies that we typically see as reputable and trustworthy.

Types of Services

If a visitor clicks on the “Services” link, he will see four categories – College Writing, Essay Writing, Essay Topics, and Professional Writing. These are a bit misleading, but clicking on each of these individually will reveal the specific products held within. In all, FreshEssays offers all of the typical writing products that students commonly order:

  • All types of essay writing – researched, non-researched, any topic, any academic level.
  • Term/Research papers – again, all topics; all academic levels
  • Book reviews/reports
  • Admissions, Scholarship, and Personal Statement Essays
  • Other Professional Writing – Resumes, CV’s, and Cover Letters
  • Theses, Dissertations, and other Graduate Level Projects
  • Coursework Assignments of any type, especially STEM problem-solving and projects
  • Business Writing is also offered. And it may be useful for students who are developing their own websites or portfolios

We like to see this array of products and services. It means that if a student is satisfied with what he receives from FreshEssays, he will be able to use it for all of his academic help needs rather than go looking for other companies.

Satisfaction comes when students are getting the quality they want. And quality is something we thoroughly investigate. In our assessment of FreshEssays, we conducted the following activities:

  • First, we looked at the website content, looking for good organization, clear explanations, and good English grammar and composition. The FreshEssays website is organized well, the explanations clear, and the writing is in solid English
  • Second, we looked at samples published on the FreshEssays site. Here, we found varying degrees of quality. One paper on the Russian Revolution was quite well-done; another sociology paper comparing mental illnesses in the movies “A Beautiful Mind” and “Manic,” not so much. All of the content related to “A Beautiful Mind;” not one word about the other movie. And there was not adequate conclusion either. We would urge students to review some of these samples to see if they meet their expectations for quality.
  • Some registered users of our website have also had experience with Fresh Essays. Again, the feedback was mixed. Some were quite satisfied; others were not. Those who were dis-satisfied insisted that ESL writers produced their writing, and that the grammar and composition was poor. There were also some complaints of delays in meeting the initial deadlines
  • We went to Site Jabber for further information. Of 83 total reviews, 39 were 5-star and 43 were 1-star. One customer even uploaded an image of her writing product for others to see. The complaints mirrored those of our users – ESL writers and delays.

FreshEssays quality is mixed and seems to depend upon the assigned writer for the task.

Payment Methods

Methods of payment are not published on the website content. Students get to this when they actually place an order.

FreshEssays accepts all major bank cards and does use a secure third-party processor for this activity. Students can feel comfortable providing their financial information.

FreshEssays also states that it may take steps to authorize the identification of student customers. If it does, students will be asked to supply identifying information, according to its authorization policy. This is an extra protective measure to Prevent un-authorized use of a student’s card.

Guarantees has three published policies – terms and conditions, privacy, and authorization. Within these are some guarantees, but they are better explained on the website. We have summarized them here:

  • No Plagiarism: FreshEssays has its own plagiarism check software – called WebCheck. It uses this as opposed to the more common checks, like Turnitin for a reason. Once a piece is run through these more common scanners, it is in that database. And any subsequent scan will show a piece as plagiarized. Students and schools use these other more common scanners, so FreshEssays avoids them.
  • Revisions: Students may request up to 3 revisions for free. And these are free as long as they do not reflect a change in the original order details. If such changes are wanted, there will be extra fees added.
  • Money-Back: Fresh Essays publishes a 100% money-back guarantee but this is a bit deceptive. There is a policy that specifies how and when a student qualifies for a refund, and these may be partial or full. In general, refunds are issued when FreshEssays is at fault or when a student cancels an order. We recommend that everyone read through this policy before they begin a dispute and request a refund.
  • Quality Assurance: This guarantee covers a lot of things. Once a writer has completed an order, the piece is sent to the QA department. Here it is checked for plagiarism, for following student instructions, for proper formatting, for research integrity, and for grammar and composition.
  • Privacy: FreshEssay users have a password-protected personal account that they use to communicate with their writer and customer support. It is also where they will receive final drafts of their products for approval. They must also supply their personal information to FreshEssays when the complete their first orders. Fresh Essays does its part to encrypt and secure personal information. It is up to the customer to keep his personal account secure. has the right guarantees in place.

Is Site Legit?

The FreshEssays website represents a company that has been in business for 10 years, located in the UK, and providing academic writing assistance since that time.

The site accurately describes exactly what the company offers, its processes, its prices, and its guarantees. And so, it does meet all of our requirements to certify a site as “legit.”


  • Comprehensive array of products and services
  • Clear explanations of services and processes
  • 24/7 customer support with multiple contact methods
  • Secure payment methods
  • Transparent pricing


  • Customer concerns about ESL writers
  • Some complaints about delays in meeting deadlines
  • PayPal should be offered as a payment platform

To Sum Up is a legitimate writing service that has been offering academic research and writing assistance for 10 years. Student feedback on the quality of products and services is somewhat mixed, but some students are very satisfied – mostly ESL and high school students. Students should read this review carefully and follow our recommendations as they consider whether FreshEssays is a match for their needs.

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