EssayTigers Review: Do They Deserve Your Money?

To find out everything students might want to know about EssayTigers, we took the following steps: Explored the site to review services offered, read policy pages, and navigate the order process. Read online reviews of the writing service. Compared prices to other similar sites. Received and reviewed a college level essay. Interacted with writers […]


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To find out everything students might want to know about EssayTigers, we took the following steps:

  • Explored the site to review services offered, read policy pages, and navigate the order process.
  • Read online reviews of the writing service.
  • Compared prices to other similar sites.
  • Received and reviewed a college level essay.
  • Interacted with writers and staff where possible.

Now that we’ve taken these steps, we are prepared to answer your most pressing questions. These are:

  • Does the service deliver quality products?
  • Are papers delivered on time?
  • Can students expect support and fair treatment if they have a complaint or concern?
  • How do prices compare to other services?
  • What about discounts?
  • Which services are offered here?
  • How can payment be made?
  • What about privacy and other guarantees?

Keep reading for more insights!

Pricing System

EssayTigers charges customers for each page of writing they receive. Their prices begin at 10 dollars per page. This is for writing done at the undergraduate level with assignments that have a deadline of two weeks. Bachelor level writing due in two weeks is 16 dollars per page. Prices continue to increase as the student’s grade level or assignment deadline increases. The price per page is charged for a standard page in Arial font, double-spaced, with approximately 275 words. The price per page is before VAT or any other taxes are included.

In some cases, students can place an order for extra services or bonus features. For example, they may select a top writer or VIP customer service. Students can also request that an abstract of their paper be included in their final download. All of these extras may cost extra. These prices may be charged on a per-page basis. Others will result in an additional overall cost or a percentage of the order.

To help students pay for their orders, and draw in more customers, there are some discounts available. These include a loyalty program and a referral program. The downside is that these programs are difficult to follow. Many students have indicated that they would prefer a simple graduated discount program or first-time customer savings.

Types of Services

This is one area where EssayTigers is a bit confusing. The website mentions business writing as one of their services. However, upon clicking on that option, the related text referred only to academic writing. Further, when we looked at the order placement screen, we did not notice any selection for copywriting or web content. The company also doesn’t offer resume and CV assistance. Because of this, we presume that the service only offers academic writing. If this isn’t the case, these services are of no consequence to use. We are focused solely on academic writing.

In terms of writing for students, EssayTigers offers a wide array of services. Their primary service is from scratch writing for students. This includes essays, research papers, term papers, book reports, and other original works. They also offer homework assistance such as problem-solving and multiple choice answers. Finally, they will edit, proofread, and rewrite written works for students who have previously written works that need to be improved.

Students who are applying to college or graduate schools can use the company’s admissions services to assist them. This includes scholarship essays, application essays, and personal statements.

For this review, we made arrangements to receive a college-level essay. We selected a two week due date. Then, we ensured the paper we received was quite simple. We wanted to give the writer a fair chance to do very well with the assignment.

Overall, the results were okay. The paper was complete. The writer followed the instructions they were given. They used sources appropriately. On the other hand, there were some errors that should have been caught and fixed in the quality assurance process. Also, while the writing wasn’t bad, it wasn’t very insightful. Had we turned it in for a grade, this would have likely been a grade C or B paper?

Payment Options

Students who order writing services from EssayTigers are expected to make payment before receiving services. As with most services, they may choose debit, credit, or PayPal. They also have the option of using UnionPay. We did not see any option to pay with a digital option.

On a positive note, makes it quite easy to complete the payment process. It is part of the order placement process. We noted that making the payment is secure. We did not encounter anything to indicate that there should be any problems with students using their financial information here. However, we always encourage anyone to use the most secure payment option that is available to them.


EssayTigers offers several guarantees to their potential customers. To better understand these, we paid a visit to There we read their FAQ, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. This was to help us learn what their guarantees were. Then, to evaluate how well they back those guarantees, we relied on our experiences and student reviews of EssayTigers.

Overall, we found that EssayTigers makes the same promises to their customers as most other writing services. They assure customers that they will receive their papers on time. They also promise that all work will be of good quality, and original. They even affirm that their writers are highly qualified, and fluent in English. EssayTigers does offer free revisions along with a plagiarism guarantee. However, free revisions are only offered if the writer fails to follow the original instructions. Otherwise, the customer may only opt for paid revisions. Again, this is SOP for writing services.

The next question is obvious. Does this writing company actually back their guarantees with meaningful action? Because the paper we received was satisfactory, if not spectacular, we didn’t have cause to engage customer support. So, we relied on many customer reviews that are published online. For this review, we limited our consideration to reviews we believed to be legitimate, and written by actual customers.

For the most part, customer service issues seem to be handled very professionally. However, there are a number of reviews that indicate the student was not happy with the final resolution. We urge students to ensure they give very clear instructions.

Is EssayTigers Legit?

We can attest to the fact that EssayTigers is a legitimate business. They have been in business for some, and are a major player in this industry. They do provide products and services as promised. There are also a significant number of customers who are satisfied.

However, this does not mean that we endorse This is simply a statement that this is not a fraudulent operation. It does not guarantee that every customer is going to be happy with their results here.


It’s easy to see why EssayTigers is so popular. Here are some of the positives we uncovered in our EssayTigers review:

  • They have extra site content including a blog and writing guide that is absolutely top-notch.
  • They charge very reasonable rates.
  • Customer service contact information is easily found and points students in the right direction.


We identified a few negative points about EssayTigers. Students will need to decide for themselves if these are enough to prevent them from using this service:

  • Customer service and writing quality is not always consistent.
  • Could use a more varied and updated set of writing samples.
  • The Loyalty program is convoluted and difficult to understand.

To Sum Up

There is no denying that EssayTigers has been around for a long time. They have established a good reputation, and they have many happy customers. At the same time, it’s important not to become so enamored of a company that you don’t evaluate them objectively. While there are satisfied students, others did not have stellar experiences. In fact, our experience along with those of other students varied widely enough that we cannot provide a full endorsement. Instead, our rating is neutral. Consider your needs, compare prices, and discuss your order with a customer support agent. Then, move forward with your order if you are comfortable, or consider another service we have reviewed.

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