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Welcome to our EssayPro review. EssayPro is a popular online writing provider. If you searched the internet for college writing help, chances are you saw this in your search results. You may be wondering if you can count on the writers here to help you with coursework. Great news! You don’t need to research this company blindly. We’ve done that for you. Keep reading so you can benefit from our EssayPro insights.


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Pricing System

EssayPro does publish a price calculator on its home page. It is important to understand that EssayPro does not use the standard pricing system. Instead, these represent the absolute minimum prices. When a customer submits their order, the details of that become available to EssayPro contract writers and other specialists. They review the order, and submit bids to the customer. If you place an order, you can then review those bids along with the writer’s qualifications. Work will begin on your project once you selected your writer. We understand that it may be tempting to accept the lowest bid for a project. That may not be the best choice. Remember that a more expensive writer from EssayPro may possess a better track record. Choose carefully.

Types of Services

EssayPro offers writing, editing, and rewriting services. This work is completed by freelance writers and academic specialists. Writing includes academic writing such as research papers, critiques, analysis, various essay types, reports, admissions documents, thesis and dissertation aide, presentations, and more. EssayPro also contracts with academics who will assist students with multiple choice questions, problem-solving, and other tasks.

Payment Options

EssayPro has several payment options available. These include the standards of Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, and American Express. PayPal is also an option. If customers wish to use their PayPal, they must first contact customer service. They will assist them in sending the payment. Cashapp and other options are not available. Payments are held in a form of escrow until the customer releases payment to the writer.

Discounts are available. You must contact an EssayPro customer service representative to see if your order qualifies.


When a writing service publishes detailed guarantees, that is an indication that they back their marketing claims with real policies to protect their customers. EssayPro offers a policy for that. Before we go into the details about these policies, customers must remember that their diligence matters. A company may change their policies at any time, often without notice. Please understand that the following reflects the policies published on at the time of this writing.

Refund Policy

This is the policy document that outlines any circumstance where a refund may be issued, or where a customer may request one. Keep in mind that for many services, the term refund and credit may be used interchangeably. We urge you to contact customer support to see if you might qualify to receive any refunds in the form of future discounts, credit to your account, or by receiving funds back into your debit or credit card account.

EssayPro has created a fairly standard refund policy. Full refunds are offered if the work is never assigned to a writer, if a deadline is missed, or there is a problem with an excessive payment. Once the customer releases payment to the writer they indicated they are satisfied with the quality of the document. At that point no refund is due.


All requests for revision are discussed between the customer and the writer. Do not release payment until you ascertain that the received document satisfies your requirements. If there is a dispute, EssayPro will assist you in navigating it. The results of that dispute are not guaranteed to go in your favor.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy document at outlines how customer information is collected, how it is used, and the processes where it may be shared with third parties. This document also details how cookies are used to impact user experience. The website does link to instructions for customers who wish to modify their browser settings to control how those cookies are used. Obviously the caveat is always that making these changes could impact whether the EssayPro website is functional.

Is EssayPro Legit?

Before we go any further, let us clarify our criteria for legitimacy. In order for us to determine that a site is legitimate, we must feel comfortable telling students that they can safely place their order. We are very happy to say that EssayPro is legit. We base that conclusion on several criteria that we established when reviewing sites. has passed each of these with flying colors.

Ease of Use

We were able to access the website, and navigate to anything we needed to do. The information lied on the surface. We contacted customer support for help, and placed an order. Further, the website is professionally designed, and safe to use. We accessed it through both a desktop computer and mobile device. Happily, worked well both ways. Finally, site performance is impressive. Pages load quickly, and we were impressed with upload and download speeds.

Customer Support

Some limits to customer support are present here. This is not due to lack of professionalism or concern. The reason is that negotiations occur between third parties, the customer and the writer. Still, we contacted customer support with questions about the site and their policies. We can happily state that they are professional, helpful, and effective.

Work Quality

Of course, this is the most important factor. EssayPro reliably delivers quality written products to students. They also deliver these on times. We believe that this reflects their ability to contract with writers who possess strong qualifications.


We never want to make any determinations about a writing business based solely on our experience. This is why we read reviews, and seek input from other EssayPro customers. We can state that these customers overwhelmingly indicated they also had positive experiences.


It should be clear by now that we found plenty of great things about If you don’t possess time to read this review in detail, consider this your tl;dr.

  • Bidding system gives customers a significant amount of control over the writer they select.
  • Easy to research writer qualifications.
  • Lower than average rates overall.
  • Placing an order and making payment is a simple process.
  • Customer support is strong — a rarity in bid-based websites.
  • Easy to understand policies.
  • Extra content such as blog posts to add value.


We didn’t get too many complaints about EssayPro. Even better, the ones who complained are relatively minor. These shouldn’t stop anyone from using the service, but might be things to keep in mind.

  • Low bids generally lead to under qualified writers. Customers should be wary of this.
  • Bidding process could mean several hours before a writer is assigned.
  • Writers are fluent, but many are not ENL

To Sum Up

We are happy to endorse We come to this conclusion as the result of our experiences with this company, and our analysis of the feedback we’ve received from their other consumers. Our experiences were wholly positive. We were impressed with work quality, attention to detail, quality assurance efforts, site navigation, payment methods and security, along with a number of other factors. Further, past consumers indicate that our experience is the norm. Thus, we believe that EssayPro can be relied upon to exceed expectations for customers who place orders for online writing assistance. We also hold this out as one of the best examples we saw of a service that utilizes a bid based system. As always, we love to receive feedback on any business we evaluate. Please contact us to share your experiences as well.

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