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Welcome to our EssayBox review. We are publishing this write-up after receiving questions and comments from students about this writing provider. Before going into specifics, we can state that our experience here was quite mixed. This service provider certainly gets a few things right. Sadly, there are also some pretty big drawbacks. We’ll let you decide if this is the service for you, but you can scroll down to see our final thoughts.


Price from $12
Discount 5%
Writers No

In the meantime, here are the steps we took to ensure that our review contains all the information that you need:

  • Conducted a thorough website analysis
  • Compared prices and services
  • Received and reviewed a college level essay
  • Researched the company online
  • Read policy documents
  • Looked for discounts or extra perks
  • Examined our notes to make a fair and final determination

Keep reading to learn more, then give us some feedback! We’re always interested in your experiences with online academic assistance companies.

Pricing System

When we compare them to other writing services, EssayBox prices are slightly high. However, they are not exorbitant. Unfortunately, we did find these costs to be problematic because they are not justified by either writing or customer support. Both of these are quite lacking.

For a college student writing starts at 20 dollars per page. This is about five dollars more than average. Students who want the lowest price must be prepared to wait more than two weeks for a paper. On the high end, papers can be as much as sixty dollars for a single page. One page is counted as 275 words double-spaced. Extras such as outlines and plagiarism reports can be purchased for additional fees.

There are some discounts available. For example, a 5% savings on a first time order is advertised. Unfortunately, this is quite small when many other sites offer a 15% savings for the same. In addition to this, there is no single location on the EssayBox site that details available discounts.

Types of Services

For this review, we decided to focus entirely on academic writing services for students. Fortunately, this site offers the full range of these. This includes lab reports, articles, presentations, essays, and research papers. They also offer other services such as assistance with complex problem-solving. We also noted they offer admissions services writing. In case anyone reading is interested, it does appear that the writers here will work on web content, and other products that are outside the academic realm.

Payment Options

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted here in both credit or debit card form. This service also accepts PayPal. According to our research, and feedback that we obtained from other customers and review sites, payments are processed securely. We believe that students can place an order, and make payment safely. Of course, all customers should use common sense, and the payment method they are most comfortable using.


We make it a point to read the guarantees and policy documents for every website we evaluate. This is also true for These guarantees outline the ways in which a website is willing to back the claims they make to their customers. Here’s what we found out about EssayBox guarantees.


EssayBox does offer free revisions. However, there are some restrictions to this. According to their online policy the request for revisions must be made within ten days. That extends to 20 days for thesis, dissertation, or other long form assignments. Free revisions are also limited only to cases in which the original instructions were not followed. If these conditions are met, EssayBox customers must pay to have any changes made.


We were impressed with the privacy policy document we read at The company clearly does take care to protect customer information. Here, the privacy policy is arranged in 15 separate parts. These cover use of cookies, use of social media logins, tracking information for minors, policy updates, specific policies for California residents, transferring information internationally, setting do not track features, privacy rights, and how users can control tracking features.

This policy document also details what happens when changes are made, provides contact information, and the length of time the information is kept. It does not mention whether their policies are GDPR compliant.

Money Back

EssayBox has published a policy relating to refunds. This policy document lists several cases where a student might request a refund, then details how that is handled. The policies here are very standard. Overpayments, orders that are never filled, or cancellations that happen prior to work being done are guaranteed refunds. When it comes to questions of quality or other situations, refunds may be prorated.

Terms And Conditions

This is a large policy document that outlines the student’s rights and responsibilities regarding use of EssayBox. It also details the rights and responsibilities of EssayBox staff and contractors. This document details the creation of a customer account and placing an order. It also provides information on the process of making payment, and how that is done securely. This page also details plagiarism policies, and states that originality is guaranteed. Finally, there is important information on the use of third party links on the EssayBox site.

In addition to the above, the terms and conditions page clearly outlines how customers may and may not use the content they receive. It also details how they are responsible or not responsible for your use of their services. For example, they cannot be held accountable if you receive a bad grade for a paper you receive.

Is EssayBox Legit?

Before we answer this question, it’s important to share what we considered when we investigated First, we want to clarify that we do not believe in any way that this site is a scam. The company does deliver the products that students order, and usually does so on time. They also process payments securely and appropriately, and they handle customer data with respect.

We certainly do consider those things when we determine whether a site is legit. Fortunately, EssayBox did well in those categories. It’s too bad that they didn’t pass muster when it came to many other considerations. Things came apart at the seams when it came to writing quality, customer support, and prices.


Things weren’t all negative in our experiences with EssayBox. Here are some of the positives we encountered:

  • Several payment options available
  • Secured payment system in place
  • Clear policy documents
  • Well-written website
  • Great site design and experience at


The bad news is that we found several negatives. Sadly, a few of these may be deal breakers for you. These are the EssayBox flaws we found:

  • Mediocre to poor writing
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Prices that are too high for the level of quality
  • Lack of extra content
  • com promises writing samples, but doesn’t actually provide them

To Sum Up

If looks were the most important thing, EssayBox would have it in the bag. Unfortunately, students need substance, not style, to ensure they succeed. The folks at EssayBox, just don’t have what it takes to meet the rigorous demands of academic writing. In addition to this, the prices at skewed high. Normally, this would not be an issue. Unfortunately, it became a problem when combined with the lack of writing quality. That’s the bad news. The good news is that many of the issues here could be improved with some better attention to quality assurance. Sadly, until that happens we have to give a thumbs down. Any student who needs writing assistance should skip this site. Instead, take a look at one of the many online writing providers that we have endorsed.

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