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But by far, our most important resource is the reviews that we conduct on writing services that market their services to students facing challenges of coursework assignments and looking for trustworthy help. This is an ongoing effort of ours because we want to research as many writing companies as possible. Students can then make informed […]


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But by far, our most important resource is the reviews that we conduct on writing services that market their services to students facing challenges of coursework assignments and looking for trustworthy help. This is an ongoing effort of ours because we want to research as many writing companies as possible. Students can then make informed decisions about where they get their coursework help. is a writing service website. It represents a company of the same name, as a subsidiary of a company called 13 Technology, located in Bulgaria. We are not certain how long it has been in operation, but there are reviews we have found out on the web going back to 2019.

We have completed an Edubirdie review using all of the factors that students will find below – the same factors we use for all of our reviews. We hope that the information will help students decide whether could be a good writing resource for them.

Payment System

We always look at three things here. Are prices differentiated by student level, types of services, and deadline requirements? Are prices within the scope of those of other professional companies that we have rated highly? What other factors may impact the final cost of a product or service.

Here is all that we have found:

  • Edubirdie does have the differentiated pricing structures that we like to see. Prices begin at $13.99 per page for a high school basic essay with a deadline requirement of 2 weeks. A basic essay at the college level, with a shorter deadline, will cost more. And a research-based essay at the doctoral level will cost even more. Other services (e.g., STEM coursework, editing) have separated cost structures.
  • The costs seem to fall within the average scope; however, because of the business model of student selection of their writers, pricing may fall outside of the average range. They are more fixed when students opt for the selection of their writers by Edubirdie staff. They have both options.
  • Many writing services with a traditional model provide discounts that offset costs. Edubirdie does not have such discounts.
  • Many services, Edubirdie included, offer options that are fee-based. When students choose to let the company select their writers, they can purchase abstracts, an outline, higher levels of customer support, and such. Some of these can add quite a bit to the final cost.

In sum, Edubirdie does come across as a company that has almost a dual pricing system, based upon company-assigned writers or student-selected writers.

Types of Services

There is a “services” link at the top of the Edubirdie landing page, with a drop-down menu.

Also, there is a separate Edubirdie link for editing, and that includes essays, dissertations, and research papers.

Students can click on any of the specific services and will be taken to pages that further detail the services and the methods by which students can place their orders. We accessed many of these pages – they provided basic information about the specific product or service, but the emphasis was clearly on getting an order placed. This makes the content somewhat redundant.

It looks as if Edubirdie offers all of the types of products/services that students may need.

But the scope of products/services is less than half of the picture here. The far more important element is quality, and we look at this very closely. Here is what we did to assess quality:

  • The quality of writing on the website itself provides clues about the type of quality customers can expect to get. As we reviewed all of the Edubirdie pages, we did find most of it in clear, proper English. However, there were some word usage and sentence structure errors that indicated non-native English writing.
  • Normally, we review samples that writing services publish on their websites. In the case of Edubirdie, there are none. This is something we would strongly recommend that the company correct.
  • There are registered users of our website who have had experience with We also put out a call for any additional feedback. There was a good amount of information that we gathered. One student even sent us his research essay. Our conclusion here is that ESL students are quite satisfied with what they get from Edubirdie. High school students also seem to be satisfied. Native English-speaking students, especially those in college, are not as satisfied. Their issues are relatively common – grammatical and word usage errors and the need to request multiple revisions. There were no complaints about late delivery or unresponsive customer support.
  • Out on the web, there were lots of reviews on Site Jabber. Most of the positive reviews, again, were from ESL students who needed academic writing and editing. ENL students were not as satisfied.

So, we see plenty of quantity in Edubirdie offerings. Customer satisfaction with quality, though, is somewhat mixed. ESL and high school students may well find a good resource.

Payment Methods

Edubirdie accepts all major credit cards for payment – MasterCard, Visa, Amex, JCB, or Union Pay. PayPal is not an option, and maybe Edubirdie should consider this platform. It is secure, and students can use their bank cards as payment, even if they do not hold a PayPal account.

Students provide their bank information at checkout. But the company does not process those payments or store any customer financial information. It uses a third-party processor that has the security certifications that protect customer financial data.

Guarantees has only one written policy – Money Back Guarantee. It describes the situations when it will give refunds and how students can apply for those refunds.

Throughout the Edubirdie site content, there are stated promises:

  • Customer Satisfaction: This promise carries with it several subsets. First, customers may request revisions if not happy with their final drafts. Second, there is an editorial staff that checks every final draft for instructions being followed, for plagiarism, and for structure. Not until this check is made will a piece be released to deliver to a customer.
  • Deadlines Met: According to Edubirdie, if it accepts an order, it accepts the customer’s deadline. If a deadline is missed, there will be a refund of sorts.
  • 24/7 Support: Edubirdie maintains a customer support department that is available by phone, chat, and email. Customers do say that customer support is indeed available and responsive.
  • Protection of Privacy: promises to encrypt and securely store customer personal data. It assigns an ID number to each customer, along with a personal account, and that number is used, rather than even a first name.

While these Edubirdie promises appear to be honored, we would still like to see more written guarantees.

Is Site Legit?

What we always consider when looking at this question is that a website represents a real company. So, we are not asking if the site is legitimate – we are assessing whether the company itself is.

In the case of, we can certainly certify that the company is legitimate. It has been around for a while; it offers academic products and services; it has secure methods for protecting customer personal and financial data; it honors its promises; and it delivers completed orders to the customers.


There are several pros that we want to acknowledge here:

  • Satisfaction is great among high school and ESL students
  • Privacy is protected
  • Customer service is available and responsive
  • Promises are honored
  • Deadline requirements are met
  • Quality control is in place


Yes, there are some:

  • Edubirdie should publish sample writings on its site
  • Need clearer explanation of differentiation between company-assigned and student-selected writers
  • Edubirdie needs more written policies

To Sum Up is clearly a legitimate writing service that many students do find satisfactory. It operates professionally and can be trusted to fulfill students` orders and work toward customer satisfaction, with promises of revisions and a quality control check. ESL and secondary students will probably be most satisfied.

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