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Our mission at Essays Writers Reviews is to relieve some of the stress from students’ lives so that they can be successful. Our website is filled with resources, strategies, and tips for students, and to maintain a social media platform for our users to converse with one another. But the most important function of our […]


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Our mission at Essays Writers Reviews is to relieve some of the stress from students’ lives so that they can be successful. Our website is filled with resources, strategies, and tips for students, and to maintain a social media platform for our users to converse with one another. But the most important function of our mission is to investigate online writing services so that students can get the quality help they need with all of their coursework demands. This latest BestEssaysEducation Review is our latest evaluation.

Pricing System

We like to see at least an estimate of up-front pricing so that visitors can get a general idea of their cost. handles this well. On the front page of its website is a box titled “Get a price.” Here, a visitor can plug in just the initial basics and get a quote. The final price may change based on other factors.

Pricing is divided by categories of the products or services someone may order. For a high school essay, for example, the cost is $12.99, with a window of 14 days for completion. For a doctoral student in need of any essay, though, the price can go all the way up to $50+ if he has a timeframe of just hours. There are different pricing charts for different categories, which is as it should be.

Here are other things that impact the final costs:

  • BestEssaysEducation has a discount program. For new orders, it is quite liberal – 23%. There is a continuing program for return customers too, and special sale offers at various times – these are advertised on the website.
  • There is also a link to “extras.” Here, students will find additional benefits that come with the additional cost, too – such things as a writer with greater experience, final additional proofreading, more personalized customer support, a one-page summary, and more. Explanations of all of these extras are provided, so students can make wise decisions about their choices.

Once all of these factors are calculated, the customer gets a final price. In the case of BestEssaysEducation, this is a permanent cost – no extra hidden fees during the process.

Overall, we find prices to be appropriate, fair, and consistent with those of other top-rated services.

Types of Services

We are impressed with the assemblage of products/services we found, neatly arranged in categories with detailed explanations, once each of those categories is clicked. These are the categories BestEssaysEducation has set:

  • Academic Paper Writing: This category includes everything from essays, term and research papers, presentations, projects, literature reviews, lab reports, case studies, and even theses and dissertations.
  • Rewriting: Students often know what they want to say, have even done the research, but simply do not have the writing skills to put it all together. They get as far as the rough draft and know that it is bad. They submit that to BestEssaysEducation and get it re-written by an expert.
  • STEM coursework: Problem sets, any type of project in science, math, engineering, or technology.
  • Other Homework and Projects: Any topic at any grade level.
  • Editing/Proofreading: Anyone who needs his own piece of writing cleaned up and polished can get that at BestEssaysEducation
  • Admissions Services: BestEssaysEducation has a department of creative writers available for high school or university students as they seek admissions or personal statement essays.
  • Dissertation/Thesis Help: BestEssaysEducation has a unique category for this type of help. With Ph.D. researchers and writers in all curricular areas.
  • Resumes/CV’s/Cover Letters: These can be required for internship or employment opportunities. BestEssaysEducation has experts to create original documents or to review and edit existing ones.
  • Multiple-Choice Questions: Experts in each topic field are available at BestEssaysEducation.
  • Copywriting: While not a normal student need, BestEssaysEducation does have copywriters for online business owners who need web-based content of any kind.

So much for the scope of services – they are extensive. But what about quality? This factor is far more important to us and to customers. Here is what we did to determine services quality:

  • We reviewed all of the BestEssaysEducation website content. We want to see perfect English composition, as well as simple, clear language that a visitor or customer can understand. In the case of this company, we are giving top ratings.
  • We reviewed three of the footer pages that provide detailed explanations of some of the services. Again, these were well-written in proper English.
  • We read the two samples published on the BestEssaysEducation website. The research was scholarly and appropriate for the college level; there were solid thesis statements; the content was well-organized, and the grammar and composition excellent.
  • We reviewed the comments, posts, and conversations about BestEssaysEducation that users of our site have submitted. They are positive and complimentary. Customers have been happy with their delivered orders; some who wanted some minor revisions got them quickly; all customers stated they received their order on time, if not before.
  • There were also some reviews and comments we found on the web. These mirrored what customers on our site had to say.

Now we have both a large scope of offerings, and quality is confirmed. Again, deserves high ratings from us.

Payment Methods

Most writing companies serve an international audience, even though that audience may all be English-speaking. To manage payments, BestEssaysEducation does just what we like to see. It offers payment by all major international bank cards, and it provides for payment in several currencies.

The additional consideration is always security. We insist that writing companies we recommend do not process their own payments- their platforms do not have the top security measures in place. BestEssaysEducation uses an outside, SSL-certified payment platform for processing. The other option is that any customer can use PayPal as a payment processor, even if they do not have an account on that platform. This is also highly secure.


We always want to see guarantees, but we also want to know that those guarantees are not just on paper. We rely on customers to let us know if promises are actually honored, and it appears that they are. Here are the guarantees that BestEssaysEducation offers, either through its written policies or within the content on its website:

  • Unique and Customized Writing: Every order is assigned to a qualified expert and is begun from scratch only after it has been ordered. Within this promise is that there will never be any plagiarized writing delivered to a client. In fact, this is checked before a piece ever goes out the BestEssaysEducation door.
  • Customer Satisfaction: this is guaranteed by BestEssaysEducation promise of unlimited revisions until customers are fully happy with their deliveries.
  • Customer Ownership: BestEssaysEducation promises to delete every finished piece of writing once a client has approved and taken delivery. It belongs to that customer only and will never be seen by anyone else, ever again.
  • Only degreed and Native English-Speaking Writers: Students in English-speaking schools and colleges need native-English speakers as their writers. When ESL writers are used, there are nuances of grammar, composition, and word usage that are wrong. It looks like BestEssaysEducation delivers on this promise, considering what customers have to say.
  • Privacy: has a written privacy policy. It describes exactly what information is collected from both visitors and customers. When customers submit their personal data, it is immediately encrypted and stored behind firewalls. Clients get ID numbers, which they use from then on. The important part of this policy is that private information is never shared.
  • Money-Back: BestEssaysEducation has a refund policy that spells out all of the circumstances that qualify customers for money-back. Students can access this policy and review it.
  • Quality Assurance: The purpose of a QA department is to review all writing and to check it for several things – plagiarism, adherence to customer instructions, resources, formatting, and good grammar and composition. This is a part of the BestEssaysEducation commitment to satisfaction.

This is quite a list of guarantees, and all are important.

Is Site Legit?

There are plenty of writing services that have a very low bar for legitimacy. They have a website, they market their products and services; they take orders, and they fill them and deliver them to customers. As long as they do that, they have fulfilled their goal.

To us, legitimacy is much more. We want to see a company committed to excellence and customer service in every way. And, we do see that commitment from BestEssaysEducation. It exists in their policies, their operations, and their exceptional customer support.


Here are the pluses that we believe are most important to customers:

  • Commitment to high quality
  • Commitment to customer happiness
  • Guarantees that are delivered
  • Exceptional customer support 24/7
  • Clear and transparent pricing


While the cons do not impact quality or service, there are a couple:

  • There are only two samples, both of them at the college level. Much more variety of samples should be published
  • The blog needs to be updated with new and more relevant articles to students in 2020

To Sum Up

We like almost everything about It is apparent that it puts its customer first and focuses on long-term relationships with those customers. Once a student reads our review summary, it is quite possible that he will find writing service “home” for the rest of his academic career.

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