99Papers Review Reveals the Pros and Cons of the Company’s Way of Working

We decided to create this 99Papers to help our clients make a documented decision on whether they need the services provided by this vendor. The information that we are going to detail in the following paragraphs is extracted from 99Papers.com. Therefore, we offer valid details to our readers and are able to present an objective […]


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We decided to create this 99Papers to help our clients make a documented decision on whether they need the services provided by this vendor. The information that we are going to detail in the following paragraphs is extracted from 99Papers.com. Therefore, we offer valid details to our readers and are able to present an objective opinion. In this review, our readers will find more about the company’s pricing system and the list of services. Also, we will share the pros and cons that we identified while doing this 99Papers review and mention our recommendation on what the company should do to become more competitive.

Pricing System

When customers enter 99Papers.com they will immediately look for the pricing page. In this case, they will find a page dedicated to prices as well as a fee calculator that allows them to quickly estimate how much they should pay for the type of content writing they need. So, according to the information provided by 99Papers, a student who needs a high school essay which should be delivered in 2 weeks would pay $9.95 per page. In case the customer changes the academic level or requires a tighter deadline, then the quotation will change accordingly. Besides, if they go on the pricing page available on 99Papers.com, clients can find all price combinations based on the urgency and academic difficulty. By using this strategy, 99Papers makes sure that they offer full transparency to their clients and offer them reasons to trust them and become loyal to the brand.

The client can choose extra services that come with additional fees and secures the delivery of a good quality paper. For example, customers can ask to work with a top writer for an additional fee of $7.99 per page. In case they want to work only with premium writers, then the extra fee will be $8.99/page.

99Papers takes customer experience to the next level by offering premium services which are free of charge. For example, clients will receive the title and bibliography pages, as well as outline and proofreading with zero costs. Also, they can ask for a free inquiry without being conditioned in any way to place an order on 99Papers.com. Unlimited revisions and plagiarism checking are also offered for free.

Discounts are also important for students. However, 99Papers should make improvements when it comes to this aspect as their discount policy doesn’t include too many advantages. The only discount that we found available when we entered 99Papers.com was 15% in rewards for any order placed by customers within 15 days. According to the information provided by the vendor, this is a seasonal discount that is being granted in the holiday season.

Besides, we identified that 99Papers has a rewards club. This means that customers can benefit from rewards credits based on the orders’ volume. The process of getting these rewards is very easy. Customers have to place an order on 99Papers.com and submit the payment. For each order they place, clients will get 15% of the order’s amount back in rewards credit. Clients can use the credits they accumulated in their accounts to place new orders.

Despite the rewards program being quite attractive, we consider that 99Papers should develop a more comprehensive discount policy by awarding price reductions for new and loyal customers. Considering the fierce competition that exists on the market, the vendor should come with price reductions that convince the client to trust it and come on the site for more offers. 

List of Services

When they are ready to place an order on 99Papers.com, customers can choose from three major categories available. They can opt for writing, editing, or rewriting. As writing is the most popular category of services provided by 99Papers, customers can choose from a variety of essay types. For example, they can order lab reports, book reviews, dissertation papers, research papers, and many more. The writers who collaborate with 99Papers can deliver papers for high school, undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. levels.

Rewriting and editing services are also very popular among students. As their price per page is lower than content writing from scratch, many students prefer to write the essay themselves and work with a professional editor to review it. In the end, the student will have a quality paper without any grammar mistakes or typos and checked for plagiarism.

This extended portfolio of services was developed thanks to a strict recruiting process that 99Papers has in place. Any writer who applies to work with this company goes through several stages of evaluation. The recruitment team scans and reviews each writer’s resume and selects only those professionals who have real academic successes and provide solid proof of their portfolio. The next phase is dedicated to an assessment that takes the writer through several tests that evaluate his/her writing skills and English language. Finally, the writers go through a sample paper test which is being evaluated thoroughly by the professional team working for 99Papers.

Payment Instruments

99Papers allows customers to pay for their orders using different payment instruments. Therefore, clients can choose to pay via card. 99Papers accepts several types of cards such as Discover, AMEX, VISA, and MasterCard. For those students who find it difficult to enter the card number and CVC code to finalize the payment via card, they can opt for payments via PayPal. Irrespective of the method chosen by the client, it is essential to highlight that all these payment methods are 100% safe and they are validated through an encrypted payment system installed on 99Papers.com.

Terms and Conditions

99Papers puts consistent efforts to offer the highest level of satisfaction to its customers. This is why it developed a refund and revisions policy to help both the writer and the client understand that they have not only rights but also obligations.

Refund Policy

No one can force a client to not cancel an order if he/she decides that he/she doesn’t need it anymore. Therefore, 99Papers developed the refund policy by adding examples of the situations that might appear. Also, in this policy, the clients how much they can ask back depending on the moment they decide to send the cancelation request.

For example, in case the customer wants to cancel the order before 99Papers assigned a writer to do it, then he/she is eligible to get a full refund. In case a writer has been found and he/she started working on the content, then a partial refund might be granted. Still, 99Papers doesn’t mention which is going to be the percentage offered in case of partial refund. We consider that the vendor should be more exact and mention the percentages awarded in different circumstances.

In case the order is late and the client still needs the paper, 99Papers is open to recalculating the amount based on the new deadline agreed with the writer. This solution is not valid in case the writer was late because the client failed to pay for the order on time or didn’t offer enough details when the writer asked for them.

Revision Policy

Free revisions are awarded in case the client submits the request in the first 10 days since he/she received the content from the writer. In the case of large orders, the term is extended to 20 days. To receive a free revision, the client has to comply with some extra conditions. This means that he/she should submit the same instructions as those mentioned in the order form. In case the client fails to send the request in due time or adds new instructions for the writer, 99Papers will charge additional fees to the customer according to the information provided in the revision form.

Is the Site Legit?

99Papers.com is a legit site for different reasons. We were convinced by the fact that it includes an encrypted system that secures all payments done on 99Papers.com. Also, the company has a confidentiality policy and disclaimer that consolidate its reliability in front of customers.


99Papers should be on the list of trusted vendors for the following reasons:

  • Secure payment instruments
  • Legit site
  • Refund and revisions policies
  • Affordable fees
  • Rewards discount policy


99Papers has work to do in the following areas:

  • Offer an extended program of discounts


99Papers is a legit company that provides writing services to students and meets different academic levels. Also, the vendor uses secure payment instruments which add credibility to its image. Even though the prices are quite affordable, 99Papers should work on improving its discounts scheme. Still, 99Papers makes a good image in front of its customers with its comprehensive policies for refunds and revisions.

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