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In this 24HourAnswers review, we decided to share verified information on how students can order tutoring help online or work with the vendor’s professionals for homework help. All details included in this review have been extracted from Therefore, once they finalize reading this review, our readers will know how to order the right services […]


Price from $

In this 24HourAnswers review, we decided to share verified information on how students can order tutoring help online or work with the vendor’s professionals for homework help. All details included in this review have been extracted from Therefore, once they finalize reading this review, our readers will know how to order the right services for them and pay the fair price for what they receive. As we are always objective in our reviews, we will also share the pros and cons that we found about this company.

Services Price

One thing that we expected to find when we entered was a smart tool that allows students to know from the beginning how much they will pay for the services ordered from 24HourAnswers. In this case, we couldn’t find anything like this on the homepage.

As we wanted to check whether the company offers quotations for registered clients, we also opened an account on Still, the order form didn’t return a preliminary fee to help students understand how much they will pay for an order.

While reading the details for each service section, we could find that 24HourAnswers doesn’t have a monthly package or require a minimum payment from its clients. The price for live tutoring sessions ranges from $15 for one hour to $45. The price depends on the request’s difficulty, deadline, or subject selected. Once the client submits the online tutoring request, the available tutors will evaluate the request and come with a quotation. The price quoted by the tutor doesn’t oblige the client to anything. It’s the customer’s decision on whether he/she will work with 24HourAnswers tutors.

On the other hand, the price of homework help has a similar mechanism of calculation. Therefore, the tutor will estimate the amount of time he/she needs to finalize the homework and will send a quotation based on the homework’s difficulty and urgency. Besides, the clients can discuss the price with the tutor. Also, there are no restrictions when it comes to allowing clients to negotiate the final cost.

As for discounts, 24HourAnswers doesn’t offer any information about the available percentages. Therefore, we assume that the vendor doesn’t offer anything like this. In our opinion, 24HourAnswers should reconsider its discounts strategy and develop it to attract more clients.

Services Delivered

24HourAnswers offers two types of services. Clients can ask for homework help or ask to work with a tutor online. When it comes to the subject list, it is diverse. The customers can ask for help on topics from mathematics, engineering, administration, and continuing to medicine and nursing, literature, or education.

This diversity of services is ensured by the writers’ background and expertise on different topics. The majority of them hold a Ph.D. degree or its equivalent. Also, when 24HourAnswers selects tutors, it takes them through a strict evaluation process. They need to bring solid evidence to prove that they have provided homework help on the subject they want to work on or have previously managed online tutoring sessions. Therefore, any tutor who works for 24HourAnswers will be carefully verified and have enough experience to keep his/her customers satisfied.

Payment Methods

When we entered, we also expected to find the available payment instruments mentioned on the homepage. This is an aspect that makes the students trust the vendor and allows them to identify whether they have the payment instrument accepted by 24HourAnswers. On the other hand, we could find details about the accepted payment methods mentioned in the FAQ section. 24HourAnswers accepts payments via credit and debit cards. Still, the vendor doesn’t mention which are the types of cards accepted for payments on Also, the students can pay via PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, or Venmo. The payments are done after the tutor submits a quotation and the client accepts it.

Terms and Conditions

24HourAnswers tries to keep the highest standards in terms of customer satisfaction. In its terms and conditions section, the vendor mentions clearly that even though its tutors put consistent efforts to solve all homework issues to perfection, the clients need to understand that in some cases there might be more than one result. Therefore, 24HourAnswers mentions that the tutors shouldn’t be held accountable if such a situation appears.

When it comes to refunds, 24HourAnswers isn’t too generous with giving the money back to the client. However, this option is available for those clients who agree with the tutor to receive a refund in case things don’t go as planned. In case the tutor and the customer disagree on warranting a refund, then a third-party arbitrator will evaluate the situation and decide whether the customer is right to ask for his/her money back.

In case the tutor is late in submitting the order and doesn’t respect the deadline, then the customer is entitled to ask for his/her money back. If such situations appear, the customer should send a message to the tutor and announce to him/her that the work should stop right away and the client doesn’t require his/her services anymore. The next step would be to discuss with the customer support department and ask for a refund. In case the tutor delivers the paper before the customer manages to send the message to the tutor, then the respective client is obliged to pay for the work delivered. When it comes to the timeframe, customers can ask for refunds in 6 months from the date when the tutor and client agreed to deliver the paper.

If the client discovers that he/she paid for an order twice, 24HourAnswers recommendation is to contact the Customer Support department. Still, the vendor mentions that such situations are unlikely to appear as is a safe site. However, in case the client notices that the money was withdrawn twice, he/she should wait until the transaction changes its status from pending to accepted. If the final statement shows that the payment was done twice, then 24HourAnswers will refund the amount.

Site Reliability

We consider that is a legit site. It allows customers to pay for their orders using secure methods. Therefore, customers shouldn’t be afraid that their accounts will be exposed. Also, this means that uses an encrypted system that protects all payments. On the other hand, the site has a professional look which means that 24HourAnswers worked with a professional web developer.


We consider that 24HourAnswers has the following pros:

  • The extended list of subjects covered
  • Reliable site
  • Payments can be done via cards and PayPal
  • Affordable prices


We identified that 24HourAnswers should improve the following aspects:

  • The company should develop a more comprehensive refunds policy
  • No price calculator is available on


24HourAnswers is a professional company that offers tutoring and homework help services that come for affordable fees. One of its biggest advantages is that its tutors can deliver services on diverse topics. This is possible thanks to the writers’ solid knowledge of different subjects and their experience as tutors on other projects. When it comes to payments, clients can finalize their payments on by using secure methods. Even though the site is reliable, we consider 24HourAnswers should do more when it comes to the refund policy. The customers need to understand how and when they can for their money back.

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